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What is your favourite canker sore (mouth ulcer) home remedy? Answered

There is no medical proven procedure to HEAL canker sores - only goop that makes them numb (yay this-or-that-ocaine) I hate having a numb mouth because then I end up biting the sore and making it last LONGER. So far I've found warm salt water rinse (antiseptic, painful); drink tea (antioxidants do something); gently chew on a used tea bag (makes pain go away a bit); good dental hygene, brown sugar directly applied... any other tricks work for anyone?


I use Dequadin, which is less goopy and doesn't numb much (and not for long). It seals the sore and kills germs/fungus which will reduce heal time. It's as close as you can get to a cure. If you buy some of this, read the instructions on the bottle carefully. You can't dip a swab or brush into it... you have to pour it out to avoid contamination. I also use lots of plain old listerine (or any alcohol based mouthwash), sure it hurts, but killing bacteria will reduce the amount of time you have the sore. I also find that it only hurts for a minute and gives you a little while of relief in exchange. A salt solution should do the same thing, but will not be as effective in killing bacteria. Brown sugar is only going to feed bacteria. Don't do it. In fact, cut back on sugary drinks and snacks if you can, or else rinse your mouth immediately after consuming. Warm (not hot) Tea couldn't hurt and will be soothing. Best done without milk or sugar, again to avoid feeding the bacteria in your mouth. Try a herbal tea or a nice green tea, if you need a milder flavor. I would imagine the teabag has the same effect. In any case, don't be tempted to use any solution too frequently, you may hinder your body's rebuilding efforts. I recomend this: Brush your teeth, rinse with listerine, and apply Dequadin after each meal and before bed.

Next week ill be sitting for my final exam . And this ulcer cause me a terrible fever. At night, i was shivering. My head was super dizzy even when I woke up from my bad, I need to stand first for a seconds n then walk slowly. Your recommendation works. Thanks God and thanks a lot. :

Next week ill be sitting for my final exam . And this ulcer cause me a terrible fever. At night, i was shivering. My head was super dizzy even when I woke up from my bad, I need to stand first for a seconds n then walk slowly. Your recommendation works. Thanks God and thanks a lot. :


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Guys cold sores are not the same as canker sores. Cold sores normally occur outside of the mouth on the lips and are caused by the herpe virus. Canker sores are just a bacterial infection, normally caused by a cut, stress, or even hormones. Do not mistaken these for cold sores which need antibiotics. Canker sores are normally treated with a spice called alum put directly on the sore. Or a warm saltwater rinse.

I usually use a little bit of lemon juice (not lemonade). I will position my mouth so the lemon juice is constantly resting on the cold sour and for me at least the cold sour goes numb after a few minutes. Also lemon juice is very acidic so I would think it would disinfect it a little too.

The are a couple of things doctors and dentists have always advised and that is to avoid sugars and citrus' as these provide food for the bacteria on the sore.

It's also worth looking at your diet and if there are any deficiencies such as vitamin B12. Needless to say healthy eating and avoiding processed foods helps.

One of the more frequent causes of the mouth ulcer is the excess of sugar ingest.
The commercial medicaments are not effective. NO EFFECTIVE AT ALL.

The only drug I checked with VERY GOOD RESULTS is Levamizol. But warning, ask your medic, because can have contraindications. In my case, it was a blessing.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I read somewhere once to chew an antacid tablet and keep that in your mouth around the canker sore area for a few seconds and that would help neutralize some of the acids in your mouth that irritate the sore - seemed to work a little bit.

baking soda also stops the acid but tastes horrible

Two things that I have used in the past with great results. Tincture of benzoate and a styptic pencil. Not both at once! Both hurt for a brief period but heal in 48 hours. Both used to be available at pharmacies but I can't say about today since I haven't had a canker sore in going on 20 years. I find the dietary links interesting since I do have a tomato allergy but this is not one of my symptoms. I also never really have eaten a lot of sugar since my family has a history of diabetes and I've never acquired the taste for it. I used to get them all the time as a kid....Good luck!

Just because everyone loves a cliche, "Prevention is the best cure." Just keep your mouth clean. Brush well (though not so hard as to wear your gums out), and try to avoid cuts. Swish occasionally with mouthwash or peroxide.

Just take some iron and zinc supplement, the ulcer will disappear within one or two days. Prolonged consumption will prevent recurrence.

Just take some iron and zinc supplement, the ulcer will disappear within one or two days. Prolonged consumption will prevent recurrence.

Eat Oranges, they might sting but they get rid of mouth ulcers within a day .

Swab the canker sore twice a day with a 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

After years of struggling with canker sores, I've found the cure! Albothyl (active ingredient is policresulen). This not only heals canker sores but also stops the ulcers from spreading and becoming those large sores that are simply intolerable and for which pain medication offers minimal relief (apart from the numbing effects provided by lidocaine-type products). Doctors have prescribed steroid mouthwashes and other prescription meds for me that have given me some relief. However, Albothyl has relieved my symptoms the fastest and has cured my cankers much more quickly than any prescription med has. Albothyl is a popular cure for canker sores in S. Korea, but in the U.S. it is not used for this purpose. Therefore, obtaining a cheap supply of the medicine is difficult. Thus far, the cheapest supplier I have found is a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia that will send 10ml of Albothyl for about $25USD. Unfortunately, though, I did not bookmark this website. In terms of Internet searches, just know that you should not have to pay more than $20USD to obtain this product; it's readily available in Korea, China, Singapore, Germany, and other places for less than $10USD per 10ml.

I'm with GuardianFox on the sugar thing. I started doing Atkins years ago and as funny side affect from eating 0 sugar, I found I didn't get any more canker sores, and I do mean 0 canker sores. I recently fell off the Atkins wagon over the holidays and ate sugary stuff like there was no tomorrow, and wound up with 3 canker sores at once. I'm with you about the numb mouth thing, I hated it too. The listerine trick works the best, but you'll be hoppin' for a few minutes every time you do it, but it does seem to lessen their duration. One last thing I found that helps, but this is in the prevention arena, not treatment, is taking Vitamin E and L-Lysine every day. That seemed to keep them at bay, and when they did show up, they weren't as bad - nothing has worked as well as 0 sugar but it's worth a shot.

I hadn't heard about the Atkins-canker relation; interesting! for health reasons, I can't modify my diet that way, and amusingly, sugars don't affect me that way; what kills me are tomatoes! I spend most of the tomato season with 2-3 cankers at any one time, lol...it actually turns out that I have a mild allergy to tomatoes (that explains the slight itchiness of my tongue and cheeks), but I love the tomatoes too much to avoid them ;) our family also seems to be (legitimately or not) susceptible to frequent canker outbreaks, lol! I CAN agree on the L-Lysine for prevention! also, acidophilus milk works VERY well for soothing and healing cankers once they have erupted! acidophilus can also be found in some yogurts, which are a little easier to "hold" against the sore, but again, be conscious of oral hygiene!! thanks frollard for the question, and thanks tcarpenter67 for the Atkins note!!

The best cure is usually a clean mouth and a week or two of patience.

High concentrations of salt, sugar, or acid would kill bacteria or virus-weakened cheek cells in the sore, but the latter two might not be such a good idea. The residue of sugar feeds bacteria, and keeping acid in your mouth can dissolve the outer layer of your teeth.

If you'd like a mild anesthetic, try brewing cloves powder in hot water. It tastes pretty good without sugar and provides just a bit of numbing.