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What is your motto? Answered

Do you have a motto? Of course you do! Who doesnt! Well, actually, alot of people don't. But anyway...

Do you have a motto? Good, then share it here! Im sure everyone would love to know what your motto is. To start off, Ill tell you mine:

If its worth doing, its worth overdoing.


AND HONESTLY NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU ;) except for me and my 45 year old ding dong robot shlong

What sort of problem are you having with your mind at the moment?


You asked the question

What is your motto?

And why make the effort (4 days later) to comment on something you don't care about?


Here's my motto:

I am better than you.

i am better than you, I am a robot. I am smarter then you even if half my system was gone and I can smoke the good stuff ;)

As usual, the people who disagree with me are wrong, this is no exception.

if it aint broke, take it apart anyway and see how it works :P

"With great responsibility comes great power."

with great power, comes a great hole in your or your neighbors house

Whats a motto? Nothing, whats amotto with you?

We are born a question, we die the answer.

my motto: post, post, shoot camera when it doesn't work, get a new one, post again, repeat

You cant build Knex without plastic.


1 i hate the guts of anyone who hates my guts
2 pie or be pied
3 well theres youre problem!

Here's two that I live by.  The first one has been around for a long time but the second one is completely mine.

Work smart, not hard.

Perspective is a wonderful thing, everyone should have more than one.

wat about

if you don't succeed....goto sleep


aim for low goals to achieve happiness easier

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?


8 years ago

The best use of an object is the one it's not designed for ;-)


8 years ago

in a knex or airsoft war: 1 shot, 1 kill

Lol, mine in a Knex or airsoft war is:

Take them out, Take no mercy.

mine is: Shoot them before they shoot you.
Logic bow beats side arm
Logic bow beats shot gun
Logic bow beats assault rifle
Logic bow beats sniper rifle
Logic bow beats EVERYTHING*

Exception to Logic Bow rule:
Logic Bow Vs IAC heavy cannon V1

I want video proof that it beats sidearm, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle.

"It's better to disappoint someone by doing what you know is right, then to temporally please them by doing what you know is wrong."

"I could care a whole lot less then you think I do."


8 years ago

If you aren't determined... you aren't going to have fun.

Put a smile on peoples face!

Make the world a better place for everyone!

Life is infinitely more easy if you don't give a damn.

-logic boy

 People wear sox.

shoulda coulda woulda didn't