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What kind of Airsoft gun works the best for backyard airsofting? Spring,Electric, or Co2? Answered

I'm thinking of sticking with spring powered for the simplicity, but I might get an Electric.(I don't trust Co2, to powerful for me)



Best Answer 9 years ago

well it depends on the size of your backyard. If its small you should just stick to simple spring pistols maybe a shotgun or something like that if it is medium sized a low power aeg ( may not be to strong but hurts after rapid firing ) or a spring shotgun if its large you can get a nice hi end aeg that has a good range or a spring sniper ( or cO2) or a spring shotgun ( or Co2) or a pistol for close combat

this is old, but il right some stuff down

1. Airsoft crosman stinger p311 spring pistol

2. Double Eagle m82, m83, or m85 electric rifle

3. Crosman pulse m74dp

4. Taurus PT 24/7

Again, probaly a useless comment, but why not

well if you have good powerful airsoft guns then you should go to like a field or something i mean thats what i do because there is one in front of my house. but if you stick to the backyard just do spring pistols so you dont crack the siding of your house or brake a window.

Go to hobby tron.com it has really good guns for backyard spring and electric is what i recomend

I'd get a low powered airsoft gun. If you want to spend $80, you can get a spring shotgun that shoots 3 rounds a shot. But in small backyard engagements, the more BB's you can get towards your target, the better.

It really depends how good the gun is and what you like I personally like a good spring pistol.