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What kind of Bundt Pan is this and what is it used for? Answered

I'd love to use it, but there's got to be a method to the madness?




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I can only think it's to make a 2 flavoured cake where you put batter in the lower section, clamp on the top, then add batter to the top section - upon separating the layers you can lay them on each other to create a layered cake...

or it allows creating a hollow outer cake...for some devious purpose.

The holes I can only suspect are vents to allow for expansion -

really unlikely: its like a double boiler and the inner section is used to hold water so the upper portion doesn't burn on the bottom :(

I asked around here and noone knows.

I like your suggestion that it's a 2 flavored cake.

If it's a double boiler why go to the expense of fluting the "pan" that just holds the water?

agreed - hence the 'really unlikely' part :)

That makes perfect sense!

I still wonder if it has a specific name. There are no Maker marks or size/cup marks.

I'd hate to guess with the bundt batter and create a disaster in my oven. 8-/

That's what self-cleaning ovens are for.

"Drop back 10 yards and bundt."

I thought it might be for panning for Bundt

The trick would be to see how far a given recipe leavens in a regular bundt pan about that size.

You can measure its clamped inner size by filling with water, adding the top and allowing overflow -- then removing the top and dumping the remnants into a measuring cup -- with that volume you can figure out a safe starting point of 'expanded batter' to make sure you don't asplode it. Recommended to put a cookie sheet or tin foil under it the first time or three to get the measurements right without mess.


5 years ago

These are so cool. You might keep an eye on Ebay for one.


Thank you WUVIE!

Your reply sent me on a little search, which led me to another little search and I stumbled upon some special muffin tins I've been trying to find like --> forever.  I didn't know the name and thought they'd been discontinued. Not so... and YAY for me!!!

Thanks again!!!!

it is for a two-layered cake, i believe.


7 years ago

Hi! Hope you don't mind me asking, but would you consider selling me your tin? I've been trying to get hold of one for ages and can't find anywhere that stocks them.

it is freebi pan that came with Betty crocker mix to make a bomb cake you fill the lower pan with batter about half way place lid on and as an option fill the small one bake at the same time fill hollow with softend ice cream freeze untll firm turn out on plate top with small cake frost or glaze make the bomb birthday cake. buster

Wish they still had these freebie pans. I'd love to own one. What wonderful things you could create.

every now and then you can find them in thrift stores

I'm going to try this:

First, I'll fill the lower half (halfway) with bundt batter and insert the upper half (empty) and bake.

Then I'll wash/dry the lower part and fill it 1/3 with water and ATTEMPT a cheesecake for the "tunnel" filling of the upper half.

If I spray the upper half generously with no-stick aerosol and coat it with panko before filling, it just might work.

lol... thank God for cookie sheets... and you Instructable Buddies!!!

You are the greatest!

sounds like a winner from what I remember about the pans
your on the right track good luck

ok... I'm off to research it! Thanks so much!

May be it's for a funnel cake or something like this ----> https://www.instructables.com/id/The-most-amazing-lemon-cake-ever/

I'd heard that this is for "ganache" cakes, but googling showed me that I was wrong.

A local supermarket near me makes these cakes. Basically, they must fill the bundt part up about 2/3 of the way, then slap on that cover, and bake it. They also set up a regular cake pan and make a round cake that's the same size as the bundt, and bake that too.

When they have these two cakes made, they take the "cover" off of the bundt part, fill the resulting groove with some sort of pudding or icing, until the bundt part is level at the top. Then they put the round cake on top of this, and flip the entire thing over. Now they have a bundt cake that has a tasty filling as a secret inside! They then cover the whole thing with icing, so it looks like a standard bundt cake, until you slice it and serve it to reveal the secret filling.

its exactly what frollard said it is in his first description