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What kind of LED's should I get? Answered

Looking to buy a butt load of LED's. I hear eBay is a good place to get just that. Problem is, I don't know what to look for. I want the brightest ones possible because I'm going to use some for a bicycle light. Just going for white, uncolored LED's (planning on adding external colors in later projects). Any suggestions?
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You are right - you cannot change a red LED to another colour with a filter. But buying white LEDs and then putting them behind a colour filter is just a waste of money. Best to buy the native colour ones (if you want red light buy red LEDs).
MCD stands for milli-candela . A candela is a unit of brightness equal to that given off by a candle (surprisingly enough). So the more mcd you get then the brighter the LED.

The ones that are made for 12v car use are for people who want to pimp their car headlights for so-called day-running lights - they would not be your best choice for a bicycle light.

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maybe here there are some interesting products for you.

if you are looking for the best/brightest LED lights checkout http://www.candlepowerforums.com as there are some people on there that live to test and rate the brightness of led lights till they find the best and brightest

if you are trying to make your self visible at night you may think about wrapping a bit of LED Flex Strip around the frame as they have a wider viewing angle and by wrapping it around the seat post you would be able to see it from any direction
you can get it in any color and it would only cost about $6 for a foot of it

For LED's, white is generally the most expensive option. It's easier to make LEDs which produce a single color and easier still if that color is toward the red end of the spectrum.

But the problem is that it's a lot harder to change a red LED to another color using an external filter. That's why I want white ones. I've looked and they're really not all that expensive. The problem for me is that I don't know what's better when I read "100* 5mm WHITE WATER CLEAR 16000MCD WIRED 12V CAR LED W" as opposed to "50 Ultra Bright White LEDs,5mm 18000mcd" Is 16000 MCD better than 18000 MCD? Is "Ultra Bright White" really that bright?

It's near impossible to change led red to another colour -- it IS that wavelength. You would need some sort of phosphor that absorbs the energy and re-emits it at another wavelength.

What he's saying is that white LEDs must contain red light, and he can filter that out.

"its harder to change a red LED to another colour using an external filter" -- I understand the overall meaning, he would rather use white, but its a moot point since the former is impossible.

To make a bicycle light I would recommend the now-more-commonly-available high-power leds. 1-5 watts can be had with driver circuitry and batteries/chargers for cheap. No worrying with aligning 50+ little leds, just get 1, put a lense and reflector in front and bam, you have a nice beam.

I recommend superbrightleds.com, allelectronics ebay seller, and dealextreme.com.

Do shop around, established internet retailers with their own websites and a "contact us" phone number (e.g. http://www.superbrightleds.com/) are generally OK. If it's Ebay, check the vendor's feedback read the description carefully.