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What kind of bug is this? Answered

I saw this on a window and snapped a shot.  Taken in Tucson, Az


It is a coreid bug, commonly called a leaf footed bug. They can be pests to cultivated plants including cotton, citrus, and some types of cactus. If you mess with them they will emit a strong and distinctive odor, not sulfurous like a stink bug but more like over powering perfume. They don't bite and are not dangerous to people though. I used to put my house plants outside over the summer and invariably one or two juveniles would get to winter in the house (Dallas, TX area). Come early spring I would wake up to a two inch bug handing out on a dracena (until the cats find it). A Google search will bring up a ton of web sites with pictures and more info about them.

Not sure. What version of Windows did the bug appear on?

It's a creepy bug. But it might also be a assassin beetle. Or an armor beetle. I know it not a singing beatle. They don't exist anymore.