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What kind of chip is this,and what does it do?(link and pic included)? Answered

I got a little chip that i am guessing is some sort of...well i dont know exactly but i found the Datasheet for it and it seems interesting,but i can't quite put my finger on what it is.
Its a little chip,with 20 pins.
it says PALACE16V8H-15
Under that it says PC/4 9512MXM L
Can someone tell me exactly what this is?
And maybe what it does?


It's a Programmable Array of Logic - a PAL. It is an early fore-runner to the Aduinos and similar microcontrollers of today, with the program bring flashed into the chip by an external programmer. Some were one-time and others could be erased with UV light. It is an array of uncommitted logic gates which can be programmed to perform complex logical and sequential functions. Yours can have up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs. The array also contains latches so you could program state-machines into it. (I used to use 22V10s a lot a looong time ago.) Your one was made between the 20th and 26th March, 1995.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on PALs and I used to use a low level language called PALASM to generate the code.
(Lucky they weren't called an Ordered Row of Gates ;¬)

So i can program this chip to do something?

IF you're willing to download a copy of PALASM, learn the programming language, write some code then design and build yourself a programmer . . . Yes. If you're not, go and play with Arduinos instead ;¬)

90 Bucks?? - There a dev kit HERE for 30.
It's really not worth programming the PAL - Make it into one of THESE instead.

Oh wow,thats allot cheaper than i thought,but its just the audrino board,nothing else. not even the usb cable(i think) And for me,everything is worth it,so do you think i can program it like in that instructable?

The Arduino chips themselves are under 5$, and EVERYONE has a spare USB cable around somewhere. The software for the programmer is free - download it from the manufacturers site.

The AVR chip is a similar sort of microcontroller, and uses the aTiny chips which are cheaper then the Arduino. Again, the development software is free. There's some good info and links in THIS Instructable. You could use the Instructable you mention to program it.

I haven't used either, but it looks like they both have enthusiasts everywhere, and many sites devoted to projects with information and tutorials, but it looks like the AVR is the lower cost route.

Hmm,so its an old thing eh?
It just so happened to be extracted from a windows 95 computer(sound or joystick card)
So,its kinda like the chip featured in This instructable?

Nowhere near as clever as that. They're were the best thing around at the time for making custom counters, simple event-controlled circuits, complicated logic functions and non-standard bus interface devices, but they've been superceded by things like the AVR or Arduino processor for microcontroller applications and by custom die integrated circuits for 'function on a chip' type applications.

Well the datasheet crashed my browser... but it's a generic programmable chip for use in any number of projects. What exactly it's capabilities are, I couldn't say for sure.

Well an arduino is a general purpose programmer/interface board that USES a programmable chip... but yes it's a similar concept. Let's just say it's the same idea as the chip that the arduino uses for it's brain. Unfortunatly without the datasheet working for me, I really don't know much more about how this little guy works or what capacities it has.