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What kind of clutch can I use on a Home-built motorized bike? Answered

I'm converting an old mountain bike into a motorized dirt bike kind of thing using a small lawnmower engine. I want to know how to make a clutch that is simple and efficient.  Also I'm curious as to what kind of throttle will work on a lawn mower engine?


centrifigul clutch would be the best option, assuming you know what your doing and are not just trying to "redneck" something to ride around. However, if a centrifigul clutch is too expensive, try a a v-belt, and use a jackshaft to convert it to chain drive for your rear wheel. allow the v-belt to slip, and then use a tensioner pulley to tighten the belt when you want to put it in gear.

I found some replacement clutch pads on ebay that worked on the lawnmower engine's centrifugal clutch. Also bought a dirt bike handle bar throttle but havent gotten a chance to see if it works yet.

just as he said

Centrifugal clutch. Twist throttle control, just like a motorcycle.