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What kind of component is this? (picture) Answered

I just bought a couple of surprise boxes from www.goldmine-elec-products.com, and they had a lot of these components.. Everything else in the box, I managed to identify and categorize, except these things.. What are they? And what value do they have? they have a color code.. The coloring is: Black, purple, red, gold (or gold, red, purple, black) Thanks - Chr



8 years ago

I want one of those boxes. Too bad i can't find anything like that in Germany :(

I know what those are... They are all resin dipped inductors.

That was my hunch also. Will test when I get home from the U.S.

they look like capacitors... but with that color codes... maybe wierd resistors? Hook it up to a multimeter, if there's a resistance then it's a resistor If it's an open circuit it's a capacitor I'm going to order from them soon, would you recommend the suprise box?

They are resin dipped inductors. Not resistors or capacitors...

The surprise box was great!
The picture shows the sorted contents of two large boxes. click the i in the upper left corner to show full size. I threw away about half the box, as it was resistors marked with numbers in stead of color codes.. poorly documented too.. I'm taking these bags with me back to Norway at the end of next month, so I don't want to carry more than I'll use.

Be prepared to spend some time sorting through the contents of the box - unless you do that, it's just garbage :p


Why would you throw away the resistors? Generally, if they have numbers, its in the same format as the color codes, but they just use numbers instead of the colors. So a 102 would be a 1K ohm (brown-black-red).

Because I'm in the U.S on exchange, and have to carry the stuff with me in my luggage.. Assortments of labeled resistors are dirt cheap on ebay.. and sorting through a huge pile of resistors just didn't appeal to me that much. Also, the labeling on the resistors was not very well documented.. military standard or something..

Ok, you have me sold, I'm going to buy a couple of the supers. I love your camera, that's a great picture!

that's so cool I can't wait for mine to come, and my new multimeter

They are shaped like cacitors. Maybe they are coded like resistors. In the resistor coding the value would come to 700. that either means 700 microfarads, or 70 picofarads, If that's what the color code means. Do some research.

Capacitors I think. I think I have some of those as well, with the resistor color codes. :O

i want a value box...... im guessing tantalum capacitors.

. Looks like capacitors (possibly tantalum) to me, but I can't swear to it. If they are caps, here's the color code