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What kind of diode(s) do I need? Answered

I am trying to make a device that uses a dynamo. (hand crank) The dynamo when cranking produces up to 12v which I want to use to charge a battery. The problem I'm having is that the current goes both ways. When I'm not cranking the dynamo, the battery turns the dynamo. I need to make the current only go one way, only towards the battery. From what I understand, I need a diode. The problem is, what kind of diode, and how do I wire it in my circuit? Any help would be much appreciated.?



6 years ago

You need a 1N4002 DIODE and wire it from the positive of dynamo with
the white band side wired to the battery plus...

and if you can crank more then an ampere you should use the T6A100L
DIODE the same way.



Answer 6 years ago

I wonder if there's enough of a marginal improvement to use a Schottky ?
...and as an aside, have you ever seen a synchronous rectifier used in one of these things ? 5% improvement in available volts, and more power too....