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What kind of drill bit do I use to drill into an outside brickwall.? Answered

I want to  put up a bracket for a flag on the outside of the house, nowhere else to put it but into the brick.  How big a drill do I need, how long should the bolts be?


There are alot of bits you could use but the one I can think of right off the bat is a concrete bit it would work nicely although concrete bits can get kind of expensive

Tech Dawg,

A masonry bit with a carbide tip. You should be able to put a wall plug in the hole and screw into it. depending on how heavy your flag pole is going to be.

If very heavy i would got to using expanding bolts that have a mechanical tube that expands into the hole.

For the outside of your brick faced house, I would use 3/8" lag bolts (1 1/4" long) along with lag shields (see image). You can use any electric drill, just make sure you use a masonry bit the same diameter as your lag shields.

Mark the location on your wall with some chalk (using your bracket holes as a guide). Then with some masking tape, mark your masonry bit to a depth of 1 1/4" (same length as bolts) and drill the holes to the tape line. Add some silicone caulking to each hole and add your lag shields. They will act as an anchor for the bolts and the caulking will help prevent water from getting in.

Then place a bead of silicone to the backside of your bracket (and around the holes) and line up the bracket to the wall. Install lag bolts and then your flag.


I would recommend a hammer drill with a diamond bit to make a clean hole. I would then use a sleeved wall anchor to attach with. I have used tapcon type blue screws and when they catch they work great but sometimes if your hole is distorted they fail to catch. The size of the anchor should be determined by how much weight your going to be loading it with don't forget your basically installing a fulcrum and not just the total weight of the flag and pole. The length of the anchor should be determined by the thickness of the brick pointless to have extra anchor hanging in the void. This is assuming you have a brick wall and not a cinder-block wall.

Use a concrete bit to drill into the brick and masonry anchors to make the screws hold. The size of the screws depend on how big the flag is.