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What kind of flash card is this?(PIC INCLUDED)? Answered

It looks to me like that fat version of the Compact flash card Because it only says"Fast flash card" And nothing else. Also,It has The PCICMA(is that right?) Connector in the end. Just look in the pictures as it is being compared to a (Im not sure what the other thing's name is but it the thing that you put into laptops PCICMA)\ Note:I am going to add the thing in the pictures


I can't tell exactly how big it is from the picture but it looks like a compact flash card... they were popular around that time... if its 1.5 inches by 1.75 inches then it is more than likely a compact flash card.

It has two USB ports?

It's a pcmcia variation of todays pendrives, They were much more convenant to use than many floppy disks and stored more infomation, They still have some use if you want to get some large data to a older laptop with no cd or usb.


9 years ago

they were popular around that time...

FYI, compact flash cards are still popular--for professional cameras. Unlike cheap SD and other serial cards, they have a parallel interface, so data is transferred quicker.

They're just more expensive to design around, so consumer cameras don't use them as much.

heh,I did not know that that is what i search for
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wow. Googling that number, first result is a description that its a pcmcia 4mb flash card. thats hard.