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What kind of glue will work well on PET (soda/pop bottles)? Answered

I need to attach two pieces of PET together, and I need a very strong joint.


I've used Krazy glue for a lot of different kinds of plastic, with great success.

I did not have luck with crazy glue like Loctite super glue ultra gel control and did not have luck with e6000.

I'm still seeking a glue that will bond and stay clear

Some water rocket hobbyist use PL Premium Adhesive for joining PET bottles.

Plain white glue is quite strong, provided this won't be getting wet.

I would have to go with either epoxy resin, or superglue. The Epoxy works well in that it can grip to smooth surfaces, and provides a strong joint, it can easily sheer off though. The superglue would probably be more successful, the nature of the glue creates a capillary action that helps the glue to spread into joins and cracks.