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What kind of glue/adhesive can be used to stick a molding material to a snowboard/ski surface? Answered

If there is a specific kind of molding to use, please tell!! I plan on creating a mold around EL wire to place around the top edge of my snowboard and i need to make sure it doesn't fall off from a simple hit.


Is there room for a small grove ? I don't think you could fit even a single tree on most snowboards

I know a few people who've added similar lighting to their boards, and most adhesives didn't work well by themselves. The best method is to use a router to make a small grove into the board where the EL wire can sit in. If you make it a snug fit, the EL wire should stay almost by itself, but you can add an epoxy to help it stay there, or give the board a light sanding and add a layer of resin.