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What kind of knex machine should I make? (Please don't look over it for being knex) Answered

So I want to make a machine type thing out of knex. I want to take a break from guns (and some of you like that), but I'm good with knex and want to make a machine that's somewhat useful. What should I make? (an example would be something like Hiyadudes machines)



Best Answer 7 years ago

a ball machine! :D

a fishing rod with a reel

'Hiyadudez's machines'.

Which type? Like mine and Shadowy's card shuffler type, or my annoying knex machine type?

Make a rubber band gun or something along those lines

Try a fishing rod and reel it hasn't been done out of K'nex as far as I'm aware of.

oddammo maker, claw machine(one with just knex), sorter, piece counter, a medium but complex ball machine, or a good pinball machine(one with bumpers and stuff like that i always wanted to make one but i dont have enough pieces).

build some form of safe (with a lock) or make a computer.

Build a robot for this contest https://www.instructables.com/contest/robot

I think you should make a *good* combo lock, preferably one that can be posted. None of the other good ones ever got posted.