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What kind of laptop should I buy? Answered

I am going to buy a laptop for college. I want something that can handle programs like autodesk and sketchup, and has a decent battery life. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!



Anything with a Sandy Bridge architecture or newer will be just fine. I'm partial to Dell and I understand that might release a hailstorm on me, but I'm proud of it.

I really like what dkop1 said and that's basically what I'd recommend myself.


6 years ago

I personally wouldn't go with a mac. However, if that is what you are already used to, go ahead. I would go for a PC, probably an asus or an hp. something with 2+ gig ram, and 2.0 ghz or higher processor. My laptop has 4 gig ram, and a 2.13 ghz i3 processor, and it runs autocad and inventor a little bit slow, but usable still.

I think Macs are better. You'll want the Mac book pro you can get a refurbished one off the apple store for cheaper than your college discount. I had HP and Compaq and both are giving me a headache

I have had a Dell, Acer and Sony laptops... won't buy any of them again, nor will I ever buy any PC/Windows OS systems again. Have had nothing but problems, that Microsoft isn't interested in handling.

So, I purchased a MacBook. Best decision I have ever made. I am on my laptop ALL DAY. I work as a graphic artist and a web developer so I do have many years experience with different machines.

Based on the fact you can get MANY open-source (FREE) apps for a Mac, you'll find the price difference between a Mac and PC not that different. Plus, they have many options available for using PC based software on Mac OS. And, since the vast majority of viruses out there are PC based, you really have nothing to worry about on a Mac.

Hope this helps you. (Obviously I don't know your budget).


6 years ago


All they sell is notebooks. It is their specialty.
Their warranty service is the best I have ever experienced. They gave me a one day turnaround on a customers who's motherboard failed. From the time I called them to the time I received the completely repaired unit was 5 days, with 4 of those being shipping. They have a big selection and good prices.

How much money have you got to spend?
I'll bet it isn't $2,000.


I'm partial to ASUS. Acer has gotten a lot better over the last while. Avoid Compaq and Dell at all costs (in my experience) -- proprietary parts and repair are a pain.

As for what size/power/price...that's entirely up to your needs. If you want 3d apps you'll need something with 3d acceleration, preferably a branded mobile gfx chip like nVidia or ATI. The intel video chips are okay but simply not as powerful as their gaming bred counterparts.

If you're doing heavy 3d calculation, you will have crap battery life, no matter what.

I would say your best bet would be Toshiba or Acer. Acers are usually cheaper but still well made. Toshibas are very well made but they also tend to be more expensive. If you are using this for college I would make sure you get a laptop that has a proffesional version of windows on it. Also if you don't need to get it imediately I would suggest that you wait about six months. I say this because a few months ago there was a flood in thailand and it wiped out the factories that make hard drives. It also wiped out about two thirds of the worlds supply of hard drives. This means that the price of hard drives has tripled. This has in turn increased the price of computers. Some manufactures have compensated for this increase in price by using cheaper components in their computers.

Hope this helps.

It depends what price range you're looking for, but you want to have a good amount of RAM, especially for working on larger projects, at least a dual core processor, and some form of graphics processor to make it run smoother.

In terms of battery life, the actual performance when running heavy applications will be a lot less than the stated figure.

Stay away from Dell laptops. They tend to overheat. I have also personally used, Lenovo, Toshiba, and HP. I didn't have many problems with those.