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What kind of leather projects are you interested in seeing Instructables for? Answered

I am new to this site, but I have been working with leather for a little while and I have over 200 projects done. I have also done work with metal fabrication (custom BBQ pits), foam sculpting, engraving, sand blasting, stained glass, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am by no means an expert, but I am better at some things than I am at others. Is there anything in particular you would like to see instructions for or do you just want me to shoot from the hip?



3 years ago

if you want something wierd and off the wall you could do a horse like saddle for a bicycle. Not sure how safe that would be but it could be interesting

That would be hilarious, but I think you have a point about the safety aspect. That's a lot going on between your legs while you're peddling.

well I figured if one could shrink it to the width of a banana seat It would'nt be so bad. My main concern was the saddle horn

I love to see materials used in atypical ways.

Bags and pouches and such are nice, but I'd love to see leather used in some more crazy-creative ways. Like that dragon right there. That looks incredible!

Thank you! I love that dragon. I made it for my niece and she named it Tony, so that makes me pretty happy. That was the first time I realized I could sculpt with leather. I have done a couple other pieces you might appreciate. I'll see if I can add them to this post. Yep. worked like a charm. I made the red dragon based on a painting by a friend of mine. The Calla Lillys and the Desert Roses were fun little bouquets. The green mask was intended to be my Halloween mask but looked much better as a wall hanging and the Texans symbol was intended to be a wall hanging that turned into a medallion on a chain for my brother in law who is a fan of the Texans. I have a few more ideas I will play around with.

IMG_0067.JPGShield Maiden.jpgIMG_0480.JPGIMG_1249.JPGIMG_1425.JPGIMG_1451.JPG

Very cool! The idea of sculpted leather sounds especially interesting to me. I'd love to see a full instructable covering how that is done!

You got it. I am waiting to see if I am starting a new job tomorrow, but if I am not you may just get what you wish for. I have a few drafts I am trying to flesh out, but this one is pretty fun. I may just bump it to the front of the list.

Wow, you certainly have a broad skill set! As you know, I'd love to see a basic leatherworking tutorial, but I'm also looking forward to the surprise of what you will post next!

I am working on an introductory video but right now I am working off an iPhone that doesn't have a whole lot of memory. I just finished a big project and now I hope to have a little time to dedicate to that. You may see something by the end of the week. Thank you also for the shout out on the forum. I was wondering how my posts started jumping up by two or three thousand today. Good looking out :)

Well, I just posted that forum topic, so I don't know if that's the source of your jump in views, but either way, yay!