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What kind of mold/resin combination would be best to caste painted toys from? Answered

Specifically, I'm thinking of making a small series of caste resin toys similar in design to Kidrobots Munny and Dunny series. I was thinking that I'd need to sculpt them from oil clay and probably use a brush-on mold material, but I'm not sure what sort of mold and resin to use. I know a silicon mold might make paint not stick to the resin well, but I can't seem to find much else that will produce the same sort of smooth surface and stand up to multiple castings. I've played around with using latex and it didn't seem to work to well. I had a lot of issues with mold instability.

Similarly, I'm not too experienced with resins. I want something that can take acrylic or oil paint without the paint flaking or chipping off too easily. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a resin either, I just want something that can be done at home without a huge amount of equipment and will accept being painted on. If there's a better option than resin, I'm open to hearing about it.



8 years ago

Have you made any progress?

I'm pretty sure Dunny the Bunny is Vinyl. Hope that helps.


8 years ago

I wouldn't use acrylic resin for kids toys, it can chip or shatter into small sharp shards,  if dropped or struck with a a hard object.
Something like these products might be more in line with what you want to make: