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What kind of monster are you? Answered

I am Mplinnc and i am just wondering what kind of monster are you? I personally am a shewolf i do love meat, No i will not bite you unless you want to be. yes I hate prure silver. Don't even think about it.


I'm a dragon but I know how to become many different things

SheWolf!!!! ;3

I'm a retired Monster hunter.  I may need to come out of retirement.

What kind of monster goes "bang"?

i will flag you . and its not funny. you make me mad if you don't stop spamming........ Jack: mplinnc stop its not worth it. you're right.

I have a gun and you can't talk you're dead. Duh!



8 years ago

Well im a lion, ROAR (NINJAAA!) 

I'm a wolf duh, Shewolf

I'm not a monster.  I'm just a little different.  That's all.

Well, thank you for understanding. You are very kind... for a meat-eating predator.

I eat the young of dinosaurs for breakfast, and their fathers for dinner.  I clear forests and re-direct rivers to feed myself and my young.  I commit genocide for pleasure, and subvert the young of my enemies to exist as my playthings.

I am MAN.

But on a less realistic note, I'm half werebear ; )

I have never heard of that in my life.

Werebears?  Those are the OTHER Norse berserker.

How is that the best answer???
That's not a monster, everybody knows all kitty's are ninjas.


8 years ago

Vampire Snail


me? Im just a small badger, with the habits of a mouse

Cool so we are like Brother and Sister! Or if you don't like that we can be twins!

Ninja Kitty.

Make that a Leonopteryx, instead.