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What kind of power supply do I need for my 10PCS 10W 30Mil SMD Led? Answered

Hello I just bought 10 SMD white led. This lighting project is for my aquarium. I got the LEDs but now I need some newbie friendly help to connect these light and get a proper power supply for these. I don't know how much power will I be needing for them. Here are the details of the led lights from the ebay page

The details were under 10 lot of smd.

Voltage: 9-12V / 900mA
Chip: Genesis's LED 30Mil chip
Luminous Flux:  900-1000LM
Output Power: 10W
Light Color:
  Warm White 3000k-3200k
  Cool White 6000-6500k
Beam Angle: 120-140
LED Support Material:Al
Working Life: 50000h

Can anyone please guide me how to wire them safely and power them with a good power supply which will allow them to utilize their full brightness. Details which confuses me is how much mah and and volt I will need for all of them. It would be good if you could give me a ebay link so that I can order it online. :)


what size are your LEDs? what is a 30mil chip? Is that the size (each side) of the chip?


1 year ago

Ok, I will be nice. If someone here doesn't know the answer, don't answer anything. led, 830ma 10v, 2 leds 1.660ma 10v, end so one....


1 year ago

What the hell! Nobody here understood the man question. ANy answer only ignorant. So sad... One led 830ma 10v, 2 leds 1.660ma, 10v, and so one... The power supply must have a nice heat shrink and must be well done....

Your LEDs are going to draw 900mA each @ 12VDC. That said, the supply specs you have chosen (0.83A) outputs nearly the maximum current that the LEDs are rated for 830mA. LEDs are current dependent devices and will conduct and illuminate at lower voltages than they are rated for, all be it at less than full brightness. However, the driver supplies you have shown are designed to run multiple LEDs such as the ones you have purchased. Wire your LED modules in parallel, and you should be quite happy with the results. NOTE: Be very careful when wiring the mains voltage side and ensure proper insulation of the wires. A good practice is to solder each leg (observing proper polarity) then use heat shrink tubing to insulate EACH leg, then another longer piece of heat shrink to insulate the entire joint. Your intention to use this for an aquarium also poses the added danger of AC powered equipment near water. Observe all safety precautions at all costs.

Thank you for the help. One of my friend recently built his Aquarium lamp with the same lights but used desktop computer power supply. Do you think should I go with the power supply I posted or should I go with computer power supply or is there any other better option?

If you have an old computer that you junked but kept the power supply, then why not use it. If on the other hand, the computer power supply is large and unsightly and you don't have a way to conceal it then you might look for a better power supply.

That power supply you have chosen will work just fine.

Quick question, How many of those 10W LED's are you using? I see you bought 10, I used to think that was overkill before seeing how many a coworker bought for his! Yes you could drive it off directly off 12v, but without limiting the current they will most likely burn up quickly. Resistors would get too hot to use (I have tried with a 10W RGB) I can't tell you much more until I know how many LEDs your using. I love LEDs and can help you out, hope to hear back back


2 years ago

This is so sad! There is a question and any answer! There is a person asking for help in how to use its 10 leds 10w with what kind of power supply and I have the same question??? Please someone can help? I have 3 leds 10w. Is it possible for me to use the same power supply to drive 3 leds?

If each LED needs 833 ma at 12 volts ( 0.833 x 12 => 9.99 about 10 watts )

Put them in series and you will need a DC 36 volt 830 ma power supply.

I just bought a bunch of these to replace a movie projector bulb (future Instructable maybe). There are some vendors who sell 12-24VDC or 120VAC drivers for these, for a couple bucks each. They're overcurrent and temp protected, supposedly. Otherwise, be careful about running too much current into them and if your supply is too high in voltage, you'll have to drop it down with a resistor.

I dunno how big a tank you have but 900 lumens is like a 40 watt incandescent. And remember it's going in one direction. You might want a PWM dimmer also. I bought some of them for 3 bucks and they work great.

I don't see any discussion of a heat sink. 10 watts is a lot of heat so the bigger the chunk of metal, the better. Spread it out over half a foot or so, with thermal paste under the chip, and it will run a long time. I wouldn't recommend dissipating the heat in the fish tank water, due to corrosion possibilities.

Will these kind of power supply work?

* Waterproof:IP67,for outdoor use, also indoor.

* Input:

--AC 110~240V Fit worldwide


* Output:

--DC 12V (Constant Voltage)

--DC 0.83A Max

--10W Max

* Weight:100g

* Dimension: 98*30*20mm

* Safety Standard: meet CE, FCC

* Short Circuit Protection

* Driver, Power supply suitable For LED light (3528,5050 and so on) which need DC 12V,suitable for other Electronic product which use DC 12V power supply.

Power supply.JPGPower Supply 2.jpg

YES ... But those drivers are only ten watts.

That means you need one driver for each LED !!!


3 years ago

First those lights are efficient and most of the watts will be converted into 9 LEDs times say 8 watts 72 watts into the cooked fish.