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What kind of project can I do with the electronics inside the Wal-Mart mood CD sampler I've got? Answered

If you've ever been inside a Wal-Mart in the candle aisle, chances are you've seen one of these atmosphere/mood setter CD sampler sound box. You press the CD's image and you get a brief sound clip for that particular CD. It is literally, a sound box. It has a little speaker, that is wired to a battery run sound board that is connected to the press pad. I have zero skills with electronics and wiring, but this set up seems pretty basic and I've been wanting to try projects like I've seen on Instructables.com, but I didn't have anything I was comfortable taking apart. I'm looking for inspiration. Any ideas?


Wow!  I've never seen the inside of one of those.  So I don't have any answer for you, but I'd like to have one.  HOW did you get one?  If I had one I could maybe give you some ideas.