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What kind of stringed instrument should I get next? Answered

I already own 4 guitars and a ukulele, so I'm looking for something different to play. I only have about $100 to spare, so cheap is best. Any suggestions/wisdom is appreciated, and please list a few pros/cons also. Thanks.


Here is something I think is really cool.  and you can build it for FREE.  it is  a Diddly bow.  it is just a one string guitar that is simple to play, and they sound really odd and old timey.  give them a look on youtube.  This one is really good....   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5LhpAy_Q04&feature=related

I've seen a few diddly bows before, it's a neat instrument, but the only problem being the in-ability to make chords. I think the minimum to make a chord is three strings.

bass or maybe a one stringed slap bass you can make one for cheap

why its elementary you need a bass

a Mount Dulcimer.  4 strings, can make chords, can be played a variety of ways, and from what I've seen easy to build.


8 years ago

You could make a dulcimer. they are pretty easy to make and I can provide you with all the measurementsand the stuff you need to know about them. I made one during my training as an instrumentbuilder.


8 years ago

You should be able to build a nice little cigar box guitar for that.  I'm not sure what else you could get for $100...

Hah, actually all of my current instruments cost $100 or even less. They're all fairly nice, with the exception of one of my guitars. That one is awful. And I've always wanted to build my own instrument. I just might give that cigar box of mine a second life.

If different, why not try something without strings?

But I'd suggest banjo or mandolin, based on what's most common for the kinds of music _I_ make. Your needs and tastes may be different.

I've always wanted to try a banjo, but now I'm thinking hard something without strings. The only thing that immediately comes to mind is harmonica, any other ideas?

You should go old-school and buy a Cello or a Violin. 

I have actually been thinking hard about getting a fiddle. Still not sure though.

I had actually been looking at some sitars on ebay, and I only found a few, but this one just looks kinda... cheapish. By that I mean poor quality, but of course all the good ones are a few hundred bucks.

You might be able to put together a harp for $100 bucks and a little ingenuity. IMO, the toughest part would be making the soundbox study enough to take the string tension, but still thin enough to resonate properly.