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What kind of tech deck do you have? Answered

What company is your deck?????????????


I have a Black Label, 2 Powell Peraltas, 1 Never Summer longboard, 4 Bakers and 3 DGK's

i have 23 tech decks my favourite is my wooden DGK

I have an almost board with a guy eating a donut lol, a flip with a green cat face, and a regular darkstar.

i have an element rare that i bought off ebay 2 zoo yorks and a world industries pac man .

im deciing to get a new tech deck. should i get a blind, world industries, baker, or another plan b?


9 years ago

ive got flip,blind,world industries and dgk

shes so cute her name is jalin

I have a really cool Plan B skateboard

i had one baker... then it broke xD now i have a almost it looks cool :D

and a whole buch of homemade ramps and knex rails =P

i only gotta 1031 but it ant bad or is it?

i bought a teck deck for my girlfriend and she loves it

I have a couple of habitats, and they're pretty nice. Almost boards are cool too

I have element, flip and blind. And I like flip best coz it has good high pop

i have 10 dark stars, 10 world industries and one girl


9 years ago

i have 4 toy machines and a home made sk8 park

I got a zoo york, it's from Xander da gr8

yo people ive got 8 zoos and all the ramps i got mega man

iv got 8 zoo yorks

i got a zoo york wit grafitti on the bottom that sez zoo york lol

all of my tech decks got lost...lol.
but i am getting another one.
probably today.
i might be getting a zoo york or a dgk.
but i do got a wooden deck with me!!!

crap... my wooden deck snaped so i bought a teck deck. a flip one. its black and pink. with rip tape v.a bushings lubed teck deck wheels with hot pink trucks!!!

i have 3 zoo yorks came in a pack, 1 flip that i found on the ground, and a plan b sheckler that i bought.