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What kind of wild mushroom is this? Answered

I live in the mountains of Central Idaho where the Winters can be brutal.  We head South to Baja California every Fall and don't return to the mountain until April/May.

For the past 2 years I've come home to find  a single mushroom growing inside, by a Northwest-facing door jam.  The house is winterized (not heated) and our elevation is about 4,500 ft.

As you can see by the pics, this mushroom is as big as my hand and it sends out a lot of spores. (last picture) 

It reminds me of a (yummy!) Chanterelle, but I'm no mushroom expert. I've seen that species in Northwest Washington at much lower elevations, but never here on the mountain.

lol... I SO wanted to saute this baby up but common sense prevailed.

Do we have any mushroom experts in the house?  What do you think it is?


Hey Bajablue... :)

That might be a tough one to identify correctly, unless you get someone directly from your area that knows it. There are thousands of mushrooms out there, and many (as you probably know), are poisonous, or just nasty tasting. That being said, I know of ones in our area that are edible, with a slight different appearance to another one is poisonous, so, you really can't take the chance if you don't know for sure.

I'd recommend finding a neighbor or some other local that can tell you one way for sure. Even a librarian may know (as I'm sure people have enquired at some point in time).

I know this has been answered already but this reminds me of something my brother did years ago. He had found a shroom like this in the woods and he dried it somehow and used it as a decroration in his office/home. He works in the timber industry so its kind of a niche thing but I think it looks cool. Maybe you could do something like that and make a ible with it. Just a random thought I had.


6 years ago

There are poison mushrooms that saute and are Delicious
only once though..


There is a very good tasting fungus that grows on the side of fallen oak trees (I believe). It looks very much like this as I remember it. There is another fungus that looks very much like the mentioned one that is very deadly poisonous. An expert can tell them apart. I can't, so that's the reason I only eat mushrooms from the supermarket' That way I've go someone else to blame if I get sick.

In my younger days, I didn't hesitate to consume non-supermarket, recreational 'shrooms. Times have changed. ;-)


6 years ago

I think a neighbor has been sneaking in and planting it there for you.
It is an alien entity that hides itself disguised as a fungus whenever someone shows up. (It's a future episode of Dr Who)
Its all that's left of the cookies that you left for when your kids were supposed to visit.
It's the beginning of the end of the world which is supposed to happen later this year. Its all going to be devoured by a giant sentient fungus and it all begins in your house. You are the beginning of the end.