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What kinds of things would you wish for??? Answered

What ever you say will come true!!!!! (okay, we all know that it might not but lets pretend) I would wish for the end of violence End of suffering And a billion dollars all to myself!!


Photographic memory!! =]


8 years ago

Not to worry so much.

I would wish for unlimited cash and no restriction on M rated games (Stores don't let you buy M rated games unless you have an adult with you over here).  I would also wish that censorship would not exist. 

I'd be God.

Most powerful.

If anyone watches Heroes, I'd want Peter Petrelli's power

I wish for an AK-47 along with 900 rounds and 26 extra magazines for it. (the round kind of magazines) A fully automatic 12g shotgun along with 1000 12g rounds and 57 magazines. (once again the round type) Any type of fully automatic machine pistol along with the magazine and 999 rounds for it.

Ya, I actually thought of starting a sword collection this past year. Last year I got one masonic sword, and right now, I still have only have one sword. :~(

Really? Like, an actual sword? Or one of those chintzy ones from a catalog? ; )

There are several daggers in my grandad's collection.. among the exotic ones include a Yemeni Jambiya, a Gurkha Kukri and a Javanese Kris..
In my opinion, the Kris is by far the most unique dagger in terms of form and function.
Unfortunately, the most exotic knife i ever own is a swiss army knife :(

I'd flee to someone who had a license for that sort of weaponry, and something that cost more than $8 in the way of a blade. In fact, that's what I would wish for. A light saber, and an open license for any weapon I wanted, and my own country. And a pony. Well, perhaps not a pony. And I wouldn't need a icense if I owned/ran the country. (So I get another wish.) And world peace. Because then my country would remain mine. ;-) Who say's alutruism cannot be rewarding?

I have a short hand forged sword. It's layered and perfectly balanced with a sheath. I won in a raffle it at a Renaissance Festival a few years ago. It's one of my more prized possessions.

> A fully automatic 12g shotgun . Sounds like a good way to waste a bunch of ammo. I can't imagine anyone being able to hit anything (other than airplanes) with it.

By round magazine you mean a drum magazine right? I won't ask why you would want those besides a err... collection like me right? :)

Right now today I am wishing I could get pre qualified financing to purchase the home I want - I did get approved for a lesser amount than what the seller wants and would like to find a way to meet his needs - and mine so I can own my own house.

Photographic memory, ability to breathe underwater, and to suspend my physical needs (for food, water, sleep, etc.) as long as I desire. I'm surprised nobody said the classic... to fly.

. Whirled peas

A geek's wish...a lightsaber, and the millennium falcon.. :)

Heh, Lightsaber's definitely in my top ten. Right beside telepathy. : )

Don't forget the Time Lord gene or you won't be able to use it : )

To be the best volleyball player, first class to Figi and a never ending supply of lip gloss and shoes.

Well... If this is a genie.... 1. I wish for a great contract lawyer, that will charge me nothing and one that can not tell a lie, makes not mistakes, speaks my native language.... Then, I'd have my lawyer draft my next two wishes, the gist of which: 2. Cheap, efficient green energy (a way to harness it) 3. Control of my majority leader politician until the day I become a) bitter to youth at large or b) senile I think we can do a lot of world peace, hunger solution, tyranny dissolution and all in all, work towards progress. Then again....

Be the best street runner, skater, and the best at Guitar Hero in the world. Then I would be happy.


11 years ago

World peace and the end of hunger and tyranny

A Million More Wishes.