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What knex sets do you get black rods in? Answered

I need a few more black rods (the ones that are the same length as the gray rods), and I tried to buy them directly from the knex site, but it said that they don't directly sell them, so does anyone know what knex sets they come in?


Well black rods don't come in very many sets as they arent realy needed for many things. If you need them i suggest going to Knex.com and buying them like that. You could also do what i did. I ordered a little bag of knex that was supposed to have some knex in it. When it came in i called knex and told them that in the picture there was a couple of blackrods and large yellow gears :P They ended up sending me 8 black rods and 8 large yellow gears for free! YA!

Well it depends: If you're talking about the short kind, you can find them in sets like the Big Ball Factory or the Pinball Machine. If you're talking about the long kind that are harder to bend, then you get them in the sets with large number of pieces for support like the Pinball Machine or the All-Terrain Trekker. My advice to to look on ebay or wait for those garage sales to appear for the spring. You can usually find some good deals there. Hope this helps!

Why does everyone want these? I have like five of the white sized black one and ten of the grey and the longer ones still bend just as much as a normal grey rod.

If you're looking for actual SETS, you can find 5 in the Mega Masher set (only on eBay, though), and 4 in the Explorer, Giant, and older Master Set (the one before the Millennium edition) (again, only on eBay).

The only set I've come across in stores that contains any is the Octopus Whirl, which has one.  It'd be easier just to buy them from eBay or K'Nex Direct.

Don't know it you are still looking but I just got off knex.com and you are able to order them now, I put 5 in my cart and went all the way through checkout without actualy buying them but it would have let me.

You can get 2 black rods if you buy the sawblade thrill ride

yeah, i was having the same problem. i don't think that the best thing would be to buy them from 400 piece ones, cause that is a waste of 20 dollars. to kingghaffari, does that actually work?

Your best of just buying them directly from knex.com.

i need some to but it said that it does sell them directly from knex.com

no i ment when you try to buy them off knex.com it wont let you and says "we do not sell this product directly"

you also get a few in the 400 piece red tub

you get 2 in pirate ship park.

strong grey length black rods come 1 in each 400 tub and theres one in motorized madness ball machine. they probably come in tons of other sets but those are the ones that i know of