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What magazine can you recommend me? Answered

I looking for some magazine like is Make Magazine, so I looking for some suggestions.


I could recommend ReadyMade Magazine because it covers a pretty huge spectrum of stuff and ranges all over the place.  It's pretty fun.  Some of it is for the home, clothes, pets, electronics, gardening, etc.  Their Plug It section might be where the more fun stuff is.  They also have quite a few ideas for repurposing stuff.

Of course there's also Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.  You can view the older Popular Mechanics on Google, and if you go waaaaay back, you start finding some really cool stuff.  I was looking at a 1928 issue today actually.  Pretty fun.

8 years ago

Thank you, this on google books is really great, thank you very much!

Other than Make and Craft, I don't know that there are any other magazines that cover such a broad range of projects. There are plenty of magazines out there with a more narrow focus, so maybe you'd have better luck picking two or three of those, depending on what your area(s) of interest are. 

try http://www.diyideas.com or maybe the creators of instructables might make one eventually. man, I would subscribe to it :)

Yes, ok, the site is not bad, but ideas are for house decorating and rooms.. So, i didn't liked so much.