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What makes Instructables contests great?? Answered

Hey! Tell us what you like best about Instructables contests! 


I like the way they make me a random niche to work in, along with the interesting projects that appear. My only dislike is the way you must be voted in to be chosen by staff, before that change some very high quality but less mainstream projects had a chance to win.

Entries don't need to be voted in to become finalists. Half the finalists are picked by popular vote and the other half are picked by staff.

I like the way that although there is a theme for each contest there are still lots of different ways to meet the requirements so there is a huge variety in the contest entries for any given contest. 

Thinking out of the box is encouraged rather than looked down upon here

Oh, and I think being international entries being able to enter the contest even if not eligible for the grand prizes is a good idea.  I shall keep on trying for my t-shirt :-)


7 years ago

I like it when they have a very specific goal, which tends to bring out some very creative and unique designs. That, and prizes! So, uh, when's the next laser cutter contest, anyway? I need lots of time to prepare something EPIC.

No definite time set but you might want to get working on it.

everyone that has replied to this is a pro but me! and uses proper grammer

Hey, you're almost there; a few Capitals here, replace an 'e' with an 'a' there, and you're almost up to speed. Oh, and you'll need a pro account, I suppose. Well, win a contest and you'll have one of those, too!

you just proved my point.

I was kinda joking around, but... OK THEN!


7 years ago

i like when they require you to complete a task, such as Forbes Teach Me Fast

I like the fact that you win prizes, but also that it brings out a load of ideas from other people who if it weren't for the possibility of prizes, might not have posted their ible.

I also like getting achievement patches (and while we're on the topic... there haven't been any achievement patches from the last few newsletters :( *sniff* )

They're only open to 'Murricans! None o' them furriners kin get nuthin'! Yee-haw!

That and they're in ENGLISH. G*****n foreigners swarming in here speakin' their foreign tongues. You came here, learn our language! Foreign visitors should always learn the native tongue. That's the way we've always done it, since the Jamestown days!

...oh, wait...

I always found this one funny :p In less then 4 frames you can shut anyone up that says you have to learn their language because it's the native one.

Although sometimes I wish their would be one global language. It's damn hard to remember all the languages you learned if you don't use them on a daily basis...



7 years ago

  1. They are free to enter
  2. They have AWESOME prizes
  3. They are on the best website in the world!
'Nuff said.

Just like the Olympics, you can use it as an international forum to express your political ideals or gain recognition for your unknown cause and thus establish yourself as a premier revolutionary maker to advance the notion of...wait, a chance to win some awesome cool prizes. Yeah.

Here I thought it was all about putting things on a stick!