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What makes a Knexpert? Answered

Alright simple question, complex answer--what makes a knexpert? What do you guys think? Maybe now we can settle exactly what it takes so that there aren't anymore arguments about it. When Mepain and the rest of the knelders were around I remember it was rather tough to become a knexpert. Expectations were high. They were the ultimate judges and if you weren't good you just weren't good. After they left it was rather easy because we were left with few skilled people and mostly unskilled people. The slightest innovation impressed the people now. Overall expectation wasn't quite as high so people like me were considered easier. But it wasn't just my guns that made me a knexpert. I know people like IaC were not only liked for their awesome one of a kind projects but also for their personality.

These are my opinions on what makes a knexpert. For all of you approaching knexperthood you should make sure you have all of these plus what others post below checked off.
-First off they should have at least a couple of guns above 3.5* Best chance also is having at least one gun on the front page at one point
-This isn't really important but I think one should have at least 4-5 instructables before being considered
-They should have a wide range of weapons to prove skill in everything.
-They should be modest. It's alright to brag about your weapons and other creations sometimes but you shouldn't be overdoing it nor should you demand attention for an innovative feature.
-You should have a nice personality and good attitude. Never say a gun sucks unless it's a simple block trigger. Rating an instructable .5* otherwise is like giving someone the death sentence. You should be as constructive as possible.
-You also should be well known to everyone. Everybody should have a feel for you and stuff like that. You wouldn't let a complete stranger take control of your.

What else do you guys have? It's always the community who decides who's a knexpert so what are some of those things that the community settles on?

Can I also say sorry to those that weren't considered a knexpert for the tournament? It didn't mean we didn't want to include everyone but the contest was made with the question of who was the greatest knexpert in mind. Please stop making tournaments based off of ours from now on as you don't have an excuse. I'm not stopping you from making you're own but oodalumps was right when he said tournaments here suck because there is one every other day thanks to the sore people.


first one- check- but remember the mystery dude who keeps attacking the ratings making this inaccurate.

second one- check

third one-check

fourth one- half check- note the half

fifth one- im not sure, but probably 3/4 check

last one- check

ps, apology accepted, and no, i will not make another contest to counter the one you have

I'm not trying to brag but I still managed to do it. Also I said a good chance was getting on the front page at one point. Usually they strike after you made it onto it.

my latest rifle made it on the front page......... now, whenever it hits 3.50, they attack its rating...........


9 years ago

I disagree with 1, 2, and 6.

Yeah reason would be helpful. Also I never said this was the official way just my own opinion. I said 2 wasn't really important. 1 makes sense though I mean even if there are rating attackers they won't attack until you get to the goal so it doesn't really matter. Finally last one I think should be because like I said knexperts aren't just good builders they are good people.

Vicci.B.s forum is probably the best.

Rating has nothing to do with being a knexpert and you don't really have to have a good personality to be a knexpert.

Generally speaking one who doesn't have a gun that was at one point rated high are usually not as good as those that do. It only makes sense. Has every knexpert made a gun that made it on the front page even? Most of them anyways. I'm sure that all of them has or at least had a rating above 3.5 It's my opinion but in my books I wouldn't call someone a knexpert if they didn't act like one. If everyone hates you then can you really call yourself a knexpert? I use the term knexpert and "a good builder" differently.

Well my definition of knexpert is someone who has very innovative and ingenious designs. You shouldn't have to be popular to be a knexpert. But everyone has different opinions.

thats the point you think that we should only make guns to become a knexpert.

No, non-gun objects should still be innovative and ingenious.

ok well what im saying is that non-gun knex items should be rated as if they were guns/

i only really disagree with 1, and 2

why? im not saying if i agree or disagree, but why?

Not being theDunkis.

? What's your problem? Meh I'll get rid of this thread soon seeing how it's kind of hypocritical to my view on knexpertism now.

1.Yep 2.Nope 3.Sorta 4.I never really brag 5.Yep 6.Sorta

Really? btw: I just made my Extrem 41 Heavy Assault, I tried too put your mag in, but it didn't work thou...

what u said was right but what do u guys think about me im i a knexpert?

I remember when you first joined...thinkin' you're all hot stuff. No not really just kidding. Yeah you were in my opinion a knexpert close to joining like within a month or two. Now you're starting to lose activeness (that's a word?) so your rep is starting to become lost but yeah you're good that's for sure.

and u are right i thought i was hot stuff and i apologize for that but now i just want people to enjoy my guns

because i haven't made anything for awhile it takes alot of time to design, build, and post a gun. i just finished one and ill be posting soon so i hope it does well

Your a knexpert, you just don't get as much credit as i think you deserve...

"They should have a wide range of weapons to prove skill in everything." sigh thats why we knexers have such a low reputation because we spam guns and not much else

There really aren't any requirements to be a knexpert... But what you said basically sums up what one should be. The title "knexpert" means nothing now. I really think all it takes is that you have to be around for a while. People like smidge and sammyb and ikill have all been here for a very long time. Though they haven't built many guns themselves, they really know what a good gun is and what a bad gun is. No offense to everyone in the TGKT but more than half of the people in it are definitely not knexperts. People who try really hard to become a knexpert (radioactive) aren't going to become one because it's not about doing certain things, it just comes over time. What it really takes is just plain experience. Listen, I'm not trying to be conceded or anything, I know I'm far from the best but there really isn't a set list to become a knexpert.

Meh, I'm not a knexpert, but I don't mind really.

and, why the reference to me? Ive been here for 4 1/2 months, july to the middle of november......... what is the minimum of time you have to be here to be considered a knexpert? 6 months good enough for you?

yeah I didn't really think that it really felt like a list of requirements as it was just a list of qualities most of the real knexperts had. You have a point though I mean just because you do have these checked off doesn't mean you're a knexperts. It's always going to fall on the community.

i think a wide variety of knex creations a good amount of knex and only makes constructive criticism and is creative

Oh yeah one more thing I forgot to add
-should have invented a couple of real innovative features. Nothing that was just thrown out there but an actual unique idea.