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What makes a voice male or female, besides pitch? Answered

I am making an animated film, and I plan to voice the whole thing. thanks to my wizardly powers of audio editing (aided by Soundtrack Pro, no less) I can make it sound like anything I want! but, what exactly makes a female voice sound female? I know pitch is a part of it, but just raising the pitch on a deep-voiced male (read: Me) does not girly voice make. Audio and/or music terms? suggestions? thoughts? 

feel free to post any of the above. 



I'm not exactly an audio engineer, but when changing male to female and vice versa , I'd recommend messing with the visual eq to make an s-curve. For male->female, raise the highs, lower the lows. For female -> male, lower the highs and raise the lows. It might take some tweaking to get it to sound nice. Also, when recording, make sure the voice actor doesn't *try* to sound like the other gender, but rather tries to sound a bit in-between.

Good to know. I'll try that. STP has a really nice visual eq that looks similar to a Digital Mixer, so that will be easy to do. would you maybe suggest a low-pass on the male -> female Vox?

I've never tried doing that, but it sounds like it would work nicely.

I am not entirely sure on the low-pass/High-pass thing, because I always get them mixed up. however, if one doesn't do it, the other one is the one you want, then.