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What material are most modern shoe soles made of and where can I buy it? Answered

I am going to try to make my own shoes (and yes,if it works there will be an instructable) and I would also like to design custom soles. If you can get the material in pellets instead of sheets please tell me. One more thing, don't just say "rubber" 'cause that's not witty that's just dumb. There are LOTS of types of rubber.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hai ,

There are diffrent types of soles , namely PU (polyurethane) Sole , Rubber sole , TPR sole , Leather sole , Plastic sole , sheet sole etc ..

PU sole is very good and 's durable , u can wear it for more than two years , daily. However it doesnt have a longer shelf life , ie if u dont use it for some time or if u are using it occassionally the sole will break ...

Rubber Sole is good , sometimes its heavy ,

TPR is ithe combination of PU and Rubber

Sheet sole is not that good , but it looks gud and gud finishing you will get

Leather sole - is actually a CAR TO CARPET concept sole , we cannot use it daily and is not for rough use ...(Using for BROGUE models shoes)

Plastic sole is normally used by people working closely with water or places where ther is rain ..



2 years ago

it depends on the durability/feel that you want. Skate shoes use denser material so if you make a tutorial on skate shoes and how to replace the soles without buying new shoes, lots of people will love your tutorial

Shaik MdA

3 years ago

what about EVA and pvc soles