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What material could I use to make a replacement cover for a ring binder? Answered

I have a small ring binder that had the front cover torn off. The rings are still good, and there's plenty of paper, so I want to replace it. I use it to keep my geocaching notes in, so cardboard or fabric are not options. I'd like something with similar properties to the original vinyl-covered cardboard. It is held on by two rivets. Suggestions?


You could get a piece of hardboard cut to size and attach veneer to the front for looks.  Then drill out the holes (and drill out the original rivets, obviously) and apply 3+ coats of polyurethane to the front, back and edges.  Then just re-rivet the cover onto the notebook.   Hardboard is not particularly flexible.  If this is a trait you are looking for, I'd suggest paneling, like they put up in trailers.  That is flexible, to a point.

if you have any soy milk cartons or juice cartons that are lined with aluminium inside - they can make tough book covers.

 If you want hard wearing you could use something like styrene plasticard. Adding actual plastic hinges to it.  Also very easy to work with.

Human skin.

I considered that, but I don't think it would work for what I need. It's a little 1/2" binder that takes pages roughly 3 .75"x6.625", and I slip it in the front pocket of a Camelbak bag, so it has to be somewhat flexible.

Very nice. I used to have a spiral-bound notebook bound this way, and it was way cool.

Do you have any old video-cassettes (in PP boxes)?



8 years ago

Aluminium treadplate or stainless steel sheet metal with a polished look.

Aluminium is light and easy to rivet but the stainless has a very awesome look.