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What material i should use to make Alphonse Elric armor? Answered

I want to make the Alphonse Elric cosplay(armored one). i am thinking follow this method;

1) i will print the pdo files using pepakura designer(although i dont know exactly how to scale them and which paper size i should print to)
2) i will put paper patterns to cardboard and cut them
3) Combine and hot glued parts
4) apply body filler to outer surface
5) sanding
6) painting

all i want to ask is that can this method work to make a good Al's armor? Can you suggest anything else. This will be my first armor craft. Also i have been thinking about Goldy's Alphonse elric armor tutorial. He used different materials like polyurethan foam some adhesives and vinyl. His Al cosplay is the best i think but the materials he used are difficult to supply here in my city should i use these materials and start from 2nd step above(except sanding and painting) or can i go with cardboard method. Also can you give me advices for both techniques.



i am ending with two methods eliminating the cardboard method.

1)eva foam+sealing+painting
2)vinyl over polyethylene foam

I am having trouble finding some metarials(like vinyl) in my country. Also the only pattern i have is that with pepakura designer. I dont have any talent for look and draw thing so need patterns. For pepakura patterns it is more detailed than i thought. Does anyone have patterns for Alphonse Elric armor?

I'm a huge fan of cardboard. Some Uhauls collect used moving boxes that their customers can pick through for free.

I also like paper mache, but use construction paper instead of newspaper; you just have to reinforce it depending on how many layers of create. I've used spray foam before, but you can also use chickenwire.

The guys over at the 405th are experts at building armour from pepakura files. It is mainly Halo focussed but i've seen them help people out with warhammer and other sources as well.

I haven't buit any pepakura based armor myself but if I recall correctly you print the files on card stock, cut, fold and glue the whole thing together, reinforce the inside with fibreglass or equivalent, then go over the outside with body filler, sand, paint and weather.

Ive seen a guy stand on the helmet he built using this process so it is pretty damn solid and if it is good enough for Halo armour I think it would also be good for Alphonse's too.

Well i dont think using fiberglass so far but i will think about it.

I dont recall if it was actual fibreglass mats, just resin or something completely different. The important thing is that the interior can provide strength while the exterior provides the good looks!

Forgot to include a link for the 405th: http://www.405th.com/forum.php