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What material is this? Answered

I'm interested in making a ring similar to the kind that Catherinette Rings makes with this pair of taxidermy eyes. I've sourced the the eyes (obviously), but I also like the little tubing they use for the ring itself.  Can anyone tell me what this is called if it's a commercial product, or is it custom machined by the ringmaker?





Best Answer 8 years ago

I agree with everybody else, wire with thinner wire on the outside. It looks kind of like bass string, that would probably be the easiest source.


7 years ago

The ring is likely made of brass or sterling silver wire, with a thicker wire used for the base design (16-18 gauge, maybe) and a thinner wire coiled around it (20-22 gauge), as mentioned. To get the antiqued look on silver, there are a variety of patinas you could use, the most likely being liver of sulphur.

For the setting, on first look, I thought it was a custom setting made by the artist and possibly riveted into the design (looks like a rivet on the top right...). But after checking their site, I think it's more just a metal connector bead, which is a just a metal ring with two holes in it. The wire goes through the connector bead, and you can glue the eye on the wire and the sides of the ring.

So here are the options I can think of:
1) Soldering a setting or making your own setting with metal art clay;
2) Buy a sterling (or whatever metal you use for your wire) metal connector bead and glue in the eye;
3) Find a bezel setting with two loops on each side, glue in your "stone" and wire wrap from the loops; or
4) Try to find a simple one or two band ring online with a similar sized setting, rip out the "stone" and glue in your own.

In all cases, you would coil some smaller gauge wire around the band made of larger gauge wire or whatever the band is made of in step 4 (regardless of the band material, if you wrap it tight enough, you shouldn't see the band through, and the patina if used will take just fine).

Any other type of wire (brass, copper, etc.) may be tougher to work with, but you won't have to patina it. And regardless of the wire's material, always use nylon-jaw pliers, or wrap your pliers in masking tape. This will keep your pliers from marring the wire (marking it).

Good luck!

Metal connector references:

Bezel setting reference:


8 years ago

First off, good job on the photo. Most seen here are just a fuzzy bunch of colors.

Is it really "tubing"? It looks like wire coiled around another piece of wire.

You can buy silver wire.


Answer 8 years ago

Actually, I didn't take this photo. This is the original ring that I'm interested in making.


Answer 8 years ago

looks to me to be coiled thin wire over thick wire. Might also be guitar string (same thing).

Looks to have some sort of varnish or patina rub-off effect to give the nice colour.


Answer 8 years ago

Agree with the others; it looks like coiled wire over a wire core.

Unless you're asking about the mount for the eye...?