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What material should I use if I want to create my own Guitar Hero guitar? Answered


I'd use a malleable, but sturdy plastic for the appliances (Buttons, strum bar, frets, etc), and a better circutboard for the fret buttons. Maybe throw in your own design there. Also, use a more durable spring for the whammy bar. Use either a mercury switch or a hard-wired switch for Star Power, or, if you want, use an FX-Like pedal for Star Power/Overdrive. But using either a fiberglass hybrid or wood would probably work the best.


9 years ago

Build it as one would build an electro acoustic.

If you get pop sci in the latest issue a guy made a homade guitar. Worth the extra pennies

Wood comes to mind - its easy to work with simple or expensive tools - and has 'real' weight and feel for guitar.

I would use fiberglass