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What materials can be used for the envelope of an airship? Answered

It is going to be five metres long and carrying 3kg of payload. 



Toy helium balloons use mylar.

Mylar can be bought in large sheets as "emergency blankets".

However, there are calls for frivolous uses of helium to be banned, due to the increasing shortages.

It's only an artificial shortage. Don't worry.

I'm not trying to start an argument, but please check your facts. For instance, do you know what the main source of Helium is?

Here, have a clue. That was a joke.

Great lets go over the Hydrogen - Ill call it something catchy like .... The Hindenburg!

Ah, the British.... :)
Just remember to get Clarkson and Hammond over there and race a car against it... :P

They did do a piece with a sports car vs a caravan suspended from a hot air balloon...

And the balloon starts moving back because the wind is too strong, I've seen it too. How are PVC films?


I'd *guess* they're worse than mylar, but that is purely a guess.

If you put the gas in sealed containers - eg balloons you can use any thing that is very light

example rip stop nylon over a carbon fibre frame

Carbon fibre is too expensive. Rip stop nylon is possible. Can i also use PVC fabric for the envelope?

As long as he gas is enclosed in something gas tight you can use whatever you like for the cover. PVC fine. although rip stop will be lighter.