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What memory card adapter is able to work with pcsx on a raspberry pi? Answered

I would like to make my pi have a n emulator so do I need a ps1 memory card? if so then what adapter should I use? Also see: https://www.instructables.com/answers/What-external-optical-drive-should-be-used-with-pc/


Are you trying to make a Pi into an actual PlayStation that will read the original disks and play the games? What emulator are you using that may require the use of the original memory card?

I have no idea if the memory cards could be used or not I am using pcsx emulator

Check the specs of the emulator and what hardware it needs. Chances are it will look to store saved files on the same drive/card the emulator is stored on. The emulator only pretends to be a PlayStation and uses's your computer's hardware to play the games. It doesn't need any of the actual PlayStation hardware.

BTW while i think this is a cool project i thing it would be even better if you get a PSOne and mod it to be even more portable. Then you won't have any issues with games not running due to inconsistencies in the emulator. All you need is a good LCD and to strip the controller down to integrate it into your custom housing.

yeah but the thing is I already have the pcsx and some games so I just need an adapter for the controllers and an adapter for the drive and maybe the memory cards

All you need is a standard CD ROM and a USB controller and the emulator will run it. Emulators allow you to use standard hardware to play console games on your computer. No need for adapters and converting the original console equipment to work on the PC.

so you mean any one will do? If so do I need one that is plug and play or am I good with some sort of driver?

Use whatever you can get to work with the Pi and the version of Linux your running. Then as long as the emulator will run on the version of Linux your using everything will work fine.

I am using wheezy I wouldn't waste my time here if I could make an account on the raspbian forums


I will start up the pi and see if I cant find the specs in pcsx

and yes I am making the pi into a portable emulator