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What might have caused the automatic filters to be triggered? Answered

Our recently published (approximately 12 hours ago) project is neither appearing on the recent page nor showing up in searches (but is showing up as published on our page/channel).  We assume it's not a bug - and suspect we've triggered the automatic filters and thus require human review.

The subject of our published project could not be more innocent (at least as far as we can tell) - making a miniature bag toss game.  Could anyone give us some insight as to what might have triggered the filter (so we can avoid triggering it in future)?  The project is here:


We haven't found any clear information on this.  If we missed an obvious resource explaining such, apologies for our ignorance.  We are new here.

Thanks & cheers!


Hi moderators/helpers/assistants,

If I am being impatient and all is in fact in order, I apologize, but this current request is based upon prior experience.

It appears that I have been caught once again in an automatic filter. Multiple other submissions are appearing on the "Recent" page after I submitted mine. I was told before that the text accompanying a video was not long enough. I thought this time it would be so. Surely the topic is benign (draft excluder/sewing). Can anyone assist me in freeing up my submission, which is


Thanks in advance!

It just appeared in the expected position - so I'm guessing someone freed it. Thank you!

Hi, and welcome to Instructables!
You are published now. The reason that was caught in the filters was because of the lack of pictures (you only had only one).

Hi again mikeasaurus,

The project has appeared as promised - thank you again.

Apologies for bothering you further - no doubt you are busy. One note is that the project appeared immediately on page 2 of the "recent" (all) list (suspect it was in the progressing list all the time, but "invisible" pending the review). This probably results in our being missed by quite a few. Ego being what it is ( :-) ), would there be any way to appear in the normal starting position on page 1 as happens when the filters are not triggered?

No doubt our newbie ignorance is showing. :-)


Projects released from the filters do get put to page one. There will have been a rush of projects posted just afterwards that moved yours further down the list.

Hi Kiteman,

Thanks for the info - and the time spent looking at this.


Hi mikeasaurus,

Thank you so much! We'll keep that in mind for future submissions!