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Whats Your Ride Answered

What do you have? We got a 1990 T25 (vanagon to the Americans) pictured below and her name is Rusty. The daily drive is a Vauxhall Astra. The car that I would love to own would be a Volkwagon beetle.



7 years ago

I 'am fine with my 1974 vw thing

I used to be a handyman, but now I'm on vacation from that and I drive a big yellow school bus. I still drive my handyman truck though, a big thirsty red Ford F-350 with big toolboxes and a 1/4 thick steel sheet of metal for the bed. I call him Frank. I'm looking for something smaller and when the weather gets better I'm hoping to ride my bicycle to work.

I've got a 1970 Beetle - it's my daily driver as well :)

1970 VW Beetle.jpg

Thats one of my most favorite car. You are lucky you got one. =P

Wow :( I want to get a beetle as a daily but as a young driver my insurance is stupidly high. That's not gonna stop me from getting one though :P What's his/her name?

Her name is Lucy :) Funny how we all name them. As for your situation, may I make a suggestion? Start looking for a bug now. You want one with little or no rust. It doesn't matter if it runs or has an interior, just check for rust, and when your done checking - check AGAIN! You can get some REALLY good deals on projects that other people started and have given up on! You could restore it as a daily driver with minimal tools, space and dollars. In a couple of years you'll have a really nice car, no car payments, AND the best part is you'll know how everything works on your car - no mechanic bills, EVER! A lot of folks seem to like older bugs, but I like the '68 and later models because they are cheaper, handle better, and have more power.

My ride is my Bicycle, I'm so Green =D

since i cant afford a new car right now and really would love to get a myself a nice VW T2 i got a present for my Birthday "thanks Dad" for a 1 week rental through

yo man

8 years ago

94 ford ranger it's crazy cool!

 73 VW van 


We've got no van at the moment :( but I want to get a beetle soon so at least I'll have a dub :P

 yeah the beetles are cool my neighbor has a salvage yard and he gets all sorts of old VW's all the time

No pic but 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins 24-Valve Turbo Diesel. Thing runs like a champ. That beast pulled a 5 ton (US) 87 Winniebager (that was sittin there for 4 years) outta my back yard. No black smoke but 500 ft. lb. of nothin but raw torque. 3 lift kit sittin on 33s with XM radio. By the way sounds like a big rig comin down the road. SWEET!!!!

"79 Campmobile

july 07 (5).JPGour bus.JPG

1971 type 3 squareback still has the original fuel injection set up very primitive and interesting to work on all hail the air cooled!!

One of my first cars was a a 1964 VW beetle ( back when they were a 6v system with the plumber's nightmare bumpers :-)


9 years ago

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup Hell yeah...


10 years ago

mine is a 2006 VW Transporter,very awesome and low enough to go into public garages without hitting the top

it is white,no seats on back,sliding door,licence plate says 06 AY 5677

picture:(note:this was snagged off the net since it is 1:00 am and I dont want to light the whole neighborhood,mine is a panelvan


oh and registered as a TR car,class B

My ride is a 1970 VW Beetle, 1731cc. My baby. bought it when I was 14 for $500 certified, over 10 years, invested to much. She is currently in storage as I had to move to Scotland. I miss her :(

My 14 year old got his first legal ride this week (he's had 4 wheelers and dirtbikes, but nothing street legal). It's an '03 Kawasaki Ninja 250. He took the mufflers (silencers) off right away and it sounds awesome. I told him he'd have to put them back on if he ever rides in town! Also, he's not allowed to wreck it for a while as he still owes me $250!!

I was looking at the ninja 250 the newer ones look nice but I got a deal on the fz600 and I would probably want a bigger engine in a season if I had goten one. that and the 250s go for cheap monie.

The FZ's were good bikes. And you're right, It doesn't take long to outgrow a 250.

ya but the nice thing is they retain there resale value fairly well if you treat them nice.

mine(once i can legally drive it) is a 1983 volkswagen Rabbit Carbriolet. since i dont have a pic i will describe it, it has a white convertible top inevitably covered with ducktape due to leaks, white paint job, black rims (spraypainted by previous owner) white leather bucket seats, black carpet(outdoor carpet ironically) black dash and interior, paneling is falling off but not completely thanks to several screws(again, previous owner *sigh*) synchronized transmission(hard as heck to figure out the shifting. we always accidentally shift from first to 3rd.) and stubby exhaust system(loud as HELL) and im proud to say the only rust on the whole thing is on the back trailer hitch and rear left fender.

my ride is a 1991 Henway . I just ad corn and it runs all ar5ound town. Some good byproducts.

95 Saturn sw2, 86 Yamaha fz600. So if I come in to the monies and heated work space over the winter should I try to convert the fz over to be fuel injected?

Do they make a kit for that? If not, it'd probably be more trouble than it's worth.

well yes and no, there are parts readily available that can be used but there is no kit. I would probably use a mega squirt as the brains and there are write ups on the conversion floating around the web but mostly for cars not bikes.

Unless my carbs were completely shot, I'd hate to spend the money on the conversion. But I am a cheapskate. Are you considering it for performance or reliability? I guess if you love this particular bike and plan to keep it forever, it might be worthwhile.

'73 Harley Sportster, Bultaco Sherpa-T 350, Chevy Tahoe 4x4, 1990 Mazda 323. I've got other rides, inherited, traded for etc. (Including a Corvette, deisel Blazer, and an old Caddilac), but I can only afford to drive the Harley and the Mazda! Petrol is eating me up!!!

My kids are the real "gear-heads" though. They are 12 and 14. We live in the sticks and they can drive almost anytime or anything they want to go hunting, fishing, church,etc. It's funny when they pull up to the church building in hunting clothes on their 4-wheelers (quad-bikes). They often swipe one of my old trucks for their overnight fishing outings. We have a '65 Ford school bus turned into a camper, and that's about the only vehicle of mine they do not drive.

Punchbug white! *Punch* No punchbacks!

A pair of pink and blue Converse....

Umm not got me liscence just yet, probably in the next few weeks... then It'll be a renault megane scenic... 1.9 DTi I wish it was the old puegot but group 10 insurance is £3000+ for a new driver Also used to drive our forklift... Had a puegot 306 D Turbo which was a rocket but was too in need of repairs... I'm going to do my bike liscence after the car one (mother made that rule, for safety...) Then I'm just going to buy something like a honda CG125 until my resrictions over, then move on up to a decent bike...

1989 Toyota corolla station wagon, basic engine, 1987 Toyota Camry station wagon, short shift, cold air intake with fuel injection


10 years ago

Hopefully my mom's '79 Karman Ghia


10 years ago

I've got a toyota Prius. It gives me about 50mpg.

I'm going to make this just a "Your Ride" thread now.

I'm 16, and I get my license tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I can afford anything yet. *Sigh*