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What motor can I use for my grim reaper on horseback? Answered

I have a wonderful idea for putting a grim reaper on a horse, and have him bob up and down like he's riding it. The only thing I'm confused on is what motor do I need to use to make him bob. He weighs about 65 lbs (steel armature). I don't understand torque etc. and I'm not programming anything, just plugging him into a basic power supply. Any ideas would be wonderful.



8 years ago

If balanced properly, a BBQ rotisserie motor could work.  It's already geared down to about the right speed.

Really, it depends on how you rig it. If you want the motor to push the entire weight of the thing, you'll need something pretty beefy. If it's mounted on a reasonably well-balanced pivot point with a decent amount of leverage (like a teeter-totter), you can use a less powerful motor. Kiteman's starter motor suggestion is a very good place to start, but you might be able to get away with a cordless drill motor with the application of some basic physics principles.

A starter motor?