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What musical instrument(s) do you play? Answered

What instruments do you play? How well? What inspired you? ect.


Guitar, piano, and the Ukulele :)

I play guitar and have recently discovered the Kalimba. Here is a vid of me playing a Goshen Kalimba and singing somewhere over the rainbow. I like them so much I started building them.


Guitar, bass & simple keyboard parts.

I started with synthesizer and harmonium, then went on to the tanpura and then the violin (favorite). I started when I was 6 and now it's been almost 16 years

Ps. I always wanted to play the violin after I first saw a performance on TV as a kid...like a childhood dream. It was tough (a hundred reasons) but I never gave up on it, & never will :)

Guitar although, not as well these days as I had 4 strokes 25 years ago which effected my left hand so holding down chords is difficult. I also used to play mandolin, autoharp and fiddle


I remember way back about 30 years ago or so, having bought the Ed Sales
teach yourself guitar and play your first song in 20 minutes course.
I never got beyond that first song Квартиры в Щербинке

keyboard, guitar, drums

I play the keyboard.

I play violin, piano, guitar and a little bass guitar and double bass.


4 years ago

Acoustic guitar mostly. A few gigs on electric.. Country, oldies, blues, swing, doo-wop & on & on. Been playing since I was about 10 so thats about 50 years. Sing lead & tenor and occasionally baritone. Finger-pick, flat-pick & rhythm. A little bass. Here's a video of myself and a friend doing a Santos & Johnny tune "Sleepwalk"


I started with piano, but now I mostly produce beats with guitar for video games, voice overs, albums and more.

Hopefully I can teach myself more instruments. Playing takes me into a whole another world!

I play acoustic guitar since I was 14. I also play bass, harmonica and little mandolin. Right now I am learning to play dobro/resonator guitar.
Most major inspiration is shortly put.....idle mind is the worst enemy of the human race and the day was worth living if I learned something.

I play flute. I do not know some of the edgy super high notes, but other than that, I'm pretty good. I have been playing for two years, and have been learning from my middle school. I am a cinch when it comes to playing Pigeons and a Boy, One Summer's Day, and Let it Be. I dont know what inspired me, but its probably my quite nature in public.

I play piano, clarinet, and a little guitar!

Currently,I play piano because the melody is quite elegant.


5 years ago

I currently play Tenor saxophone in concert band, but have played alto sax, bari sax, and trumpet. I also play a little guitar and ukulele. I like to think of myself as a talented musician. Music was just something offered to me in 4th grade and I went for it. I didn't really realize my love for it until 8th grade, when I joined marching band.
...But for the love of god, I cannot sing.

I play Trumpet in a school band, Guitar just for fun. When you play trumpet you can catch up on horns, baritones, and tuba. I just can't sing.

I completely understand.....here is a single note from my singing, as it'd look if you could see it:


I play the piano and a tad bit of guitar. I mostly produce beats and instrumentals for video games, voice overs, movies, albums and more.

Hopefully I can teach myself more instruments. Playing takes me into a whole 'nother world!

Its sad they are taking all the music programs from school. Those are what kids need most! Its proven science, that kids that perform and play instruments or act do much better in school.

Smh shame

i play guitar, piano, trombone, baritone tuba, baritone trumpet, tuba, and trumpet. I play most of them ok, but i cant read music on a couple of them. I love all kind of music and There was alwaly a feeling that i had to catch up to my peers, so i eventually got better on the instrument i major in, which is trombone

my name is denislav (density) and i am 14. i have been playing piano for 9 years. i started when i was 5 and it is great fun.

I play violin. It's sad there is only one other person who plays violin.

Wow a lot of guitarists. I wish some of them lived around me. I don't know any guitarists in my area.

I sing and i play some guitar, keyboards and melodica! Cheers!

Heyo! I play guitar, elctric and acoustic, along with bass, violin, and i sing.

Hi Folks, I play lead,rhythm,& bass. guitar, I was a pro lead guitarist for over 45years and have been playing for 53 years. I played in the U.K. (Oxford is my hometown) North America, and Australia I am now retired at 68. I am happy to try to help any members with guitar related questions. I have always set up my own guitar etc.

The picture is from 1978 ? at a country music festival at Hendra, Cornwall. In 1979 I was fortunate enough to be at wembley arena for the 11th International country music festival, among those who appeared were Box Car Willie, Tammy Wynette, Ronnie Milsap to name but a few, I still have my entertainers badge ID. Below is a picture from HendraDig those flares ha ha.

me 2nd from left 1979.jpgstill pickin' at 68.jpg

I have been playing the piano since I was five, I started playing the clarinet this year, and I like to sing! :D

Guitar(My Favorite), a little piano, Mandolin, I can play Bass Guitar, and a little Harmonica. Why?

guitar,trumpet,some piano,and a little ocarina. I want to learn mandolin, and i am building a cajon right now

I want to learn the banjo, don't ask me why, but I can't find a teacher.

i play the ocarina. really old. u can look it up on wikipedia. i forgot the link.

ocarina im not very good yet but im geting better zelda ocarina of time made me want to learn

I don`t play any instrument. I hope my work in the system of Transcription Companies will leave me some time to learn to play piano at least.

Trumpet pwns Saxaphone

I play the Gee-tar (lets pretend I sound anything like Michael Hedges through the internet). Mostly acoustic atm. I have a real short memory span though so I forget a lot of the chords that I learn.

PIANO!!!!!!!! aww yea, piano is the greatest evah. Been playing it since august 2007 and I love it. Right now the hardest thing im learning is Rondo Alla Turca(Turkish March) its SUCH an amazing song and I will not be satisfied until I can play it. From what people tell me, im good for the amount of time ive been playing. Which is very cool to hear. Anyways, yeah. Piano. . . It'll make love to your ears. ;)

I'd just like to say that I've read all of your comments and I'm happy at how a lot of people on instructables can play instruments. Though this is probably just the tip of the iceburg I'm just glad that people took a liking to this thread.

I play piano bass drums guitar.

I can play guitar. I can somewhat play bass (I could be a bassist in a pinch, but I'm by no means great). Wanting to learn to play my harmonica, but I can't right now. Looking into purchasing a violin. Can somewhat play the ukulele, the mandolin, and the dulcimer. Just haven't had enough time with them to truly learn... So, long story short: Guitar.

Guitar Reasonably well. I am in a band. Mainly metal.

i play saxophone, guitar, and some trombone,

uhhh, jackson, a ke5fr kelly to be exact. I'm pretty good i mostly play the fall of troy and other new age rock bands' songs, i inspired myself to play and i also can play the keyboard and drums so it was easy to learn guitar.

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