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What mysterious force holds the plastic pizza signage to the top of this moving car? Answered

The attached photo was taken recently at an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Former United States (FUS). In it you can see a plastic sign-thingy on top of a moving car. My question is this: What mysterious forces keep the plastic sign-thingy from sliding off the car due to the effects of wind and inertial pseudoforces. What holds the sign to the top of the car? Is it powerful magnets? Double-sided sticky tape? Is it perhaps... love? Has anyone seen one of these artifacts up close, and/or knows for sure what the physical mechanism is?



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Magnets. Strong magnets and rubber of vinyl padding strips would provide enough pull and friction to hold them there even at the speed that most "kid" pizza delivery drivers drive. Makes them easy to take off at the end of their shift and leave them at work usually.


8 years ago

Geckos: Illegal immigrant geckos to be specific. The sign is strapped to their back by means of specially designed and hand crafted harnesses made only in the Chinese provinces of Bangkapow and Cowdung. The geckos, fearing deportation, are paid substantially less than minimum wage salaries and must work 14 to 16 hours a day, six days a week to keep their jobs. These poor creatures hang on to the roof of the car with their specially adapted feet ridges. This can be especially perilous if the car has been recently washed and polished. Most geckos wear tiny medallions praying to Lizardo the Great to watch over the vehicle and protect it from all roll-over accidents. On occasion, pedestrians have reported hearing the shrill screams of the newly hired roof riders unaccustomed to sheer terror of trying to stick to the top of a car driven by a 17 year old pizza delivery person . Citizens everywhere, we must unite to stop this insanity and protect our colorful cousins, the gecko!! Thank you.

Burf, you have GOT to one of the funniest minds on the web! LMAO!!

 trust me magnet mount have lost me a couple cb whips whit the way i drive (really fast)

It is held in place by ignorance - it doesn't fall off because it doesn't know it can.

Um... I think that's cartoon physics, like when Wile E Coyote runs off a cliff in a perfectly level straight line tragectory, until the moment when he realizes there is no ground beneath his feet.  Only then does gravity assert itself with extreme prejudice, and comic effect!

 thats why i don't look down when i run off cliffs 

The force is called Mozzarella. It's a natural extension of String Theory.

Mmmm... Delicious, mouthwatering String Theory...  Mmmm...

You've been talking to Sheldon again haven't you?

Now that I think about it, I'll bet that the job sucks. And the sign is held on by vacuum.

It is held there by art. Just like the cup in the statue of Arthur Dent and the nutrimatics drinks dispenser.

Hmmmm....after thinking about this more, it's not love that holds the sign on, but fear. Deep, unrelenting, bowel-shaking fear. The poor sign is in a permanent state of desperate terror due to the driving practices of the pizza-deliverer. The interpretation of stop signs as suggestions, the 5g U turns after missing that left onto Decatur, the freight trains screaming past the rear bumper. What else but fear could possibly hold the sign onto the roof of such a death machine, night after endless night?

Magnetism. Discovered roughly 2,000 years ago, in both the Mediterranean and in China. Quantitatively described in the early 19th Century, and unified with electricity by James Clerk Maxwell.

I delivered pizza for 2 years. Actually, it was one of my favorite jobs. Re-design is right, there are a couple of neodymium magnets holding it to the metal roof of the car. The fancier signage has a light inside that is powered off of a cord that plugs into your cigarette lighter. I never liked having it up on my roof, I was worried that I was scratching my paint as I put it on and off. But, when did a pizza company ever care about their employee's cars?

go pizza deliverers I love my job with papa johns