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What operating system are you running? Answered

Just a little survey. Please give your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), the type (XP, Snow leopard, does Linux have types?) and the version (Starter). I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.



8 years ago

The legend: XP Home!

Ubuntu 9.10 on my Desktop
Solaris on my Netbook

Windows 7. I love it.

Windows Vista Home Premium.

Windows 7 on my desktop.
Windows XP and Ubuntu on my netbook.

Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop and 8.04 on my desktop PC.


Windows Vista home basic and LINUX fedora core 10 .

Vista Home premium.

I run a desktop with XP pro, and one with Vista Home Premium, soon to be upgraded to Win7 home premium. 
A laptop running VIsta HP and 2 running XP home.

I also tinker around in a Live Ubuntu (Linux) a little bit.