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What other ways are there to store books & magazines? Answered

Looking for a way to make books compact and paperless does anybody know of any other ways to store books & magazines that are paperless and not electronic? The only systems that I know of are micro image sheets, micro-opaque images, microfilm, microfiche, microprints microcards and Stereoscopic viewers but they need magnified readers and are not all that practical for anything other then long term preservation.



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You could etch it into stone (though you might not have room for storing it) alternatively i wonder if there exists some laser engraving into a metal which could both reduce size and be more durable than paper (but you will have to look that up yourself, so no "best answer" for me :-)

I actually think you would be hard pressed to find a better (in terms of usability and price) way than paper. You ask for compact but then say all the compact options arent good due to requiring readers... so i am unsure what exactly you expect

LOL I know I should have explained that way better than I did. What I’m looking for is a survival type book that I can take into the woods and not worry about getting it wet or dropping and destroying it =/ sadly it seems paper is a good as it gets : o (

I have seen survival books and maps come in plastic-covers (basically a see-through skin you put on it) i have also seen books made to survive water by being printed on some plastic instead (both children/baby books and adult erotic stuff you can "read in the bath")

But the problem is that you need to buy them made like that, converting it is not trivial (well, wrapping books in see-through plastic is trivial, but you cant really open them and read them safely)

if it was one single book you really need, you could possibly take each page out and then laminate it, putting it into a ring-binder afterwards. but if you are bringing a few shelf-meters worth of books that you want back on the shelf afterwards, that might not be very useful.

I remember once seeing a story about laser etching info into crystals and all you would need to retrieve it is light wish I knew how to do that (^_^)b

They make water proof books. You can find survival guides that are printed on water proof paper and will survive a fall in the river. But rather then carrying the extra weight around in your pack it would be better to memorize the things you will need to know. Though a good plant guide would still be handy.


5 years ago

Well, when you exclude paper, electronic and optical storage, the only other thing that I can think of is the "Fahrenheit 451" method.

Looking for a survival type book that wont break as easy as paper and electronic =/

Yeah, but then you require a quantum computer to invert the compression algorithm and restore the information content :-/

You have excluded pretty much every conventional means of storing any kind of document save one. First you need to develop a photographic memory. Then go through and ready everything you want to store and your done.

All kidding aside, it may help to know why you need to find a new way of storing information from books and magazines.

I know that was a crazy question when I asked it! what I’m looking for is a survival type book that I would be able to carry around in the woods and not worry about getting it wet and destroying it so paper and electronic are not the best options but it seems they’re the only options =(

That thing is amazing thanks for the link I have to try to make it one day!


5 years ago

Fahrenheit 451 ---- Each person became a book.

Do I have to give birth to the person myself?