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What paint will work on latex sheeting for garments? Answered

I want to paint on latex clothing both in detail and simple designs. What paints and mediums will work with the thicknesses of latex to stretch with the garment? Prepping the surface with what formula to get the best bond between paint and latex? Will the thickness of the latex matter?


Hi, I have done a fair amount of this. You will need acrylic based paint to start. Add a small amount of flex agent (liquid latex). This will allow the paint to flex with the garment. For best results use roughly 3-5% by volume of latex to volume of paint. Before painting, wipe the garment with lemon juice concentrate. This will reactivate the latex surface and allow far better adhesion with the paint...

I would practice on something first. Don't go for it and ruin your item like I did. Lol.

Is liquid latex you mentioned the same as latex glue?

I'm looking for instruction for this too. Is liquid latex that @DIY_DAVE mentioned the same as latex glue?

I print on to latex and use a special ink that stretches with the latex. I'm sorry but I don't know the name of the ink but it's a special ink for printing on to latex- you may be best calling ink companies to ask which of their products would work