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What parts to salvage from detectors? Answered

Hey all - at the place I manage I have 15 defective Kidde smoke detectors coming back - now obviously there's something wrong with them but it won't be every part that's garbage.

It IS however a good opportunity to get some multiples of same parts.  SO - if this was you and they are in the garbage otherwise..which parts would you salvage?  I'm willing to invest  maybe 2 hours of desolder time.  Other than the resistors and the LEDs, i'm not as familiar with the components used on these boards.

suggestions appreciated,

This looks like the closest model:


The best part is the piezo buzzer - use it for sound or make into a microphone. There is also the radioactive americum sensor module, read if you want to mess with it.  Don't have that model but advanced electronics geeks might be able to tap into the wireless transmitter and receiver part to do something with it.  There was this recent ible to enhance its alarm functionality with an arduino. May be a few good micro switches on there.  The casing could be used as housing for other projects or added to something that needs that shape.  Extract a battery holder for use in other projects. Good luck.