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What parts would I need to build a remote control car from scratch? Answered

As stated above, I need to know what parts I would need to build a remote control car from scratch. The main things are the remote control itself, and the components that allow for a the system to allow electricity to flow. I'm guessing they are some sort of transmitter however I am not sure. I can cut the frame out on a plasma cam, but need to know the general things I will be needing, and an approximate cost. Also where can I get the items? Radioshack i'm presuming.


What kind of car is this

Have a look through your local area. I'm sure you can find some sort of hobby store. They will sell all the parts you need to put a nice RC car together. They will have the controllers, receivers, servos, motors, wheels, chassis and body shells you might want or need for the project.

Plasma cam! What do you intend to make the car from 3 mm sheet steel?

Buy a suitable RC TX and RX and servos not worth making. Cost for = quality would be more then purchase price.

Build something small until you get a grip of the technology. Even start with a kit.

Lots of RC car sites out there.

Use the search feature or look to the right ------------>
There are a plethora of remote control cars already posted on here. Also Google could be helpful.