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What pins do i need to short on a dell battery to get voltage? see details for what i have already found please? Answered

Ok, so my though was to take an unmodified Dell battery (11.1v), attach an iPhone car charger to it and use it to power my phone without having to buy a commercial battery. Plus I can put it in my notebook to charge it. Last night I was using spade connectors to probe for voltage, but all I could find was 3vdc, not the 11.1vdc it is rated at. So I poked around some other sites, and found one where a guy used a notebook battery for a robotics project, and that certain pins had to be shorted to make the battery "activate". So, I then probed the connector on my notebook (the one the battery is from) and found the following: There are 9 pins on the notebook side. Pins 1, 2 and 4 all have continuity between them. Pins 8 an 9 have continuity between them. On the battery side, I get 3vdc between pins 1 and 4, 2 and 4, 8 and 4, and 9 and 4. My question is, does anyone think i will get 11.1vdc on another pin on the battery if i short 1, 2 and 4? Unfortunately I cannot open the battery because it is a spare I wish to keep around, but still would love to use this.?



2 years ago

Hello friends,

I am aware that this forum is dated. And I am very new to this site.

However, I have a suggestion that may be beneficial when doing this type of troubleshooting, creating ,or investigating.

Anytime you feel that creating a circuit to initiate a supply to have an output, (ie, short circuiting two contacts) please consider this.

A safe practice is to calculate the maximum output of the supply available and install a temporary load that has a voltage and wattage rating that is equal to or higher than the supplies ability.. That way if you're wrong, you're not shorting out possibly the maximum output of the device.

I could go into details of this but, I believe that nobody will read it anyhow. I just figured I'd offer a bit of advice if anybody's paying attention.

Good Luck in your endeavors .TequilaDune


9 years ago

Go to the laptop you got the battery from and check the pins that connect to the battery on it with a multimeter in continuity checker mode. When you find 2 pins that are connected, go to the battery and short those pins on the battery. Now check the battery again for your 11.1V...Goodluck!


Answer 9 years ago

I connected 1,2,4 and also connected 8,9 and got 11.8 volts on a fully charged battery. Oddly the pinouts at http://www.allpinouts.org/index.php/DELL_D500_D600_battery which show pin 4 as being SMB data must be wrong (must be switched around). My battery comes from a D600. This gives pins 1,2 as GND, pins 8,9 as +11.1V, with pin 4 to be GND'd to turn on the battery. Cheers!


10 years ago

> get 11.1vdc on another pin on the battery if i short 1, 2 and 4? . I couldn't find a battery pinout, but I did see where 1, 2, & 4 are common ground. So, no, shorting them won't do anything - they are already shorted internally. . . From your measurements, it appears that 8 & 9 are 3V common. . . I'd try searching the Dell site for a pinout or contact their tech support.