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What process do I need to do to get my logo adhered to rubber? Answered

I am trying to get my logo adhered to rubber, like the logo on the sidewall of a bike tire.  I have tried many different stickers and none stuck, there has to be something out there!  Thanks for any help!


These are all great answers, thank you for all of your time and help!  I had heard that you can print on a rubber sheet with some sort of special ink, but I don't remember any of the important details.  Thanks again!

You're right, stickers are just not going to cut it. They just can't adhere to rubber in the long term. Any kind of rubber cement might dissolve the vinyl a sticker is made of, ruin the print on it, or give you an ugly, lumpy finish.

If your logo is composed of simple shapes with solid colors, your best bet is screen printing ink. You can find that at most big box craft stores. If you have access to a vinyl plotter or don't mind paying, you can get adhesive-backed paint mask cut from your logo file, and it will give you a really clean result. It would probably cost you $30-$40 to get a small run of them done at a sign shop.

Personally, I'd consider silkscreening with a rubber-based ink, if I was doing more than a few of these.

Note that the logo has to be printed on something that is at least as elastic as the rubber, and the adhesive has to have similar properties, or flexing will cause it to either pull free or shred.


8 years ago

Bend a paper clip to look like a ladder.
Heat it up red hot.
Push on edge of sticker, half on sticker, other half on rubber.

This should work fine.

The other magic glue we had in the UK is/was called "Black Bostick" and worked especially well on black rubbers like tyres.

Not actually looked for it for years.



8 years ago

 Use a good contact cement like "Barge Cement." Follow the directions and it will stick as good as a tube patch. Now that I think of it, the glue from a patch kit should work fine. Just be sure to apply it to both of the two things you want to stick together.