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What projects do YOU want to see? Answered

Simply put, what sort of things are you looking for? What do you want to learn how to make? Which piece of advise would benefit you?

I'm doing this more out of curiosity than anything else, can't wait to see the results! :D



6 years ago

I want to see a fully functional Transformer robot.

there is a cardboard costume version in instrucables already...maybe one can start there ?

I saw that, and drooled over it for a while, before realizing that I would never have the time or energy to make it. I just want to see some ultra-smart electronics people make a transformer. I don't plan on doing it myself, i just think it would be really cool to see.

Well, working out the "mechanics" of it is the first order of business. Adding the motors and such to automate it might actually be the easy part.

If you could just make a car that can 'unfold' into a bipedal walking thing then you've got the whole set right there!

It wouldn't even need steering / proper autonomous control, a straight walking / rolling thing would be amazing in itself.

I'd love to see an instructable for this:
Theres even a schematic for it already here:

Im going to try to build it, but since my electronics skills are quite limited, havin never done anythin but take stuff apart before, it will be hard.

That's incredible! Analogue circuit too, looks neat.


6 years ago

My son wants to make an electric meter for science fair. Craft geek needs help!

The sort of thing that measures how much electricity is used?

any chance of being abel to stamp my position on my photos as I take them.
maybe someone out there could work it out.
obviously (or is it) involves a GPS system on the camera:-)

It's possible to have a 'stamp', but it's not on the picture. With every photo your camera takes it probably (most do) adds a bunch of information about the photo to go with it: Size, date taken, iso, frame rate, f-stop...

I can't exactly remember how to view this info, but I think if memory serves me correctly that Oprah (web browser) does it?

Either way, I think it's built in with some cameras to add the coordinates of the picture taken.

The aperture, exposure settings, etc. can be found when you right-click the file and click "Properties," then go to the "Details" tab. At least that's how it is with my Sony camera and Windows 7. I think that's where the GPS data is most likely to be. If your camera doesn't have GPS built in(mine doesn't), you could rig up an Arduino to simultaneously trigger a picture and record location and time of capture. Then you could write a script that matches the image file with the time and adds a dynamic watermark.

easy things to make

a kind of one manned chopper that is powered by human fore (legs, arms, any muscle)
that would be awesome

When I first read this I thought you wanted to burn peoples' limbs for fuel.

Ahh, if only Da Vinci were still alive!!

indeed :-D who ever sended that mad back in time had made a big mistake. he should of send him to us. :-D
I have once made a design on paper =D he did those things too (not building the most of his inventions).
I figures out I should need about 3 bike gear transmissions, and a lot of light but strong metal piping (maybe that can be extracted from the bikes as well). But I reckoned it to be implausible, so never even dreamed of making it.

Maybe I should put the drawing on line, there are some people on this site that have the money, the time, the patience and the skills to make it to work.

I believe it would be a very short flight :P

I'd love to see your plans! Make a forum topic, make it happen!

Airsoft sensor fuzed weapon,rocket potty,model rocket rpg,and a rocket gun.

a model rocket with a model toilet with a doll or something and no i do not play with dolls I have 3 kids and one of them happens to be a girl

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your Instructables Android comments... guess that makes me a fan to sorts. Got a couple ideas for projects. Always knee deep in unfinished projects. Anyway, thanks for being there

Ahh! The pressure to do this is so high!

A fully electronic catapult

A catapult would be very similar, a fast moving - quick stopping arm that can hold a large weight.

Sounds neat, I wonder how it could work?
*thinks* Maybe have a motor that winds up a string which brings up the arm?

Good idea either way.

A few years ago I played with substituting an ir led for the mike input on my computer. A program let me see what the led "saw" by interpreting the 'audio' input as a modulated sine wave. Anyone else played with this?

Sounds interesting, I don't have the right gear but that'd be cool to muck about with...


6 years ago

I would love to see an Arduino car diagnostic tool.

I like cardboard things for some reason

Cardboard's great, have you seen the cardboard furniture Instructable?

Oh yeah that looked beast...Probably the best use of cardboard eva! :P

I would love to see more rocket projects where you launch rockets into the air!